Dark Sector – Multiplayer Features Details

Game Types - Dark Sector's multiplayer is broken up into two distinct game types: Infection and Epidemic...

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BADBOYEK44190d ago

Well I Guess the 360 will have the better version of DARK SECTOR.

Lord Vader4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

"Both systems will allow players to create, join, and search for multiplayer games. However, only the X360 gives players a Quick game option, a Custom game option, and a Ranked game option. The Quick game option will pick a game for the player based on their preference of Infection or Epidemic. The Custom game option allows players to set up their own games with the customizable settings of time limit, score limit, number of players, and the availability of bots. Ranked games are directly linked to the X360 Leaderboard. A player’s performance in a Ranked game will determine their position on the X360 Leaderboard. The PS3 allows players to search for or create multiplayer games."

That SUCKS... I wanted to get this for my PS3 to have a Gears of War style game on it with MP....

Well, I guess I'll be buying another multiplat for my 360 instead.... thats cool, i guess the controller is better for shooters anyway... back to achievement hoarin' !!!