Blu-ray laptops coming from Apple and Dell

Apple and Dell are planning to release notebooks later this year that offer Blu-ray drives.

Now that Blu-ray has won the high-def format war and HD DVD is out of the picture, more companies are jumping on the Blu-ray bandwagon and starting to move into the next-generation of media technology. And a new report from the US claims that Apple and Dell are leading the charge.

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mighty_douche4004d ago

...ahhh and i was so close to being out of debt....

Cartesian3D4004d ago

day one purchase for me (with 9600gt)..

I want a New apple macbook pro with Penryn cpu, 9600gt graphic card and a Bluray burner...

right now I have a 2.4Ghz Core2duo, 8600Gt one..

Best performance for gaming (less than 3 Kg ok?) >>> APPLE

meepmoopmeep4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

i'm a Mac user but i don't really see any necessity in having one in a laptop or desktop for that matter. it's useless for data storage when HDD's are more cheaper and reliable, movies on the other hand is subjective.

Cartesian3D4004d ago

I dont have a desktop PC(and 3.5"HDD) .. all of my Data is in 2 2.5" external HDD (100GB and 160GB)and in my laptop's 160Gb HDD.. (Im a Portable FAN)

and all of them are FULL.. (cuz of 300GB divx, Game installs, Mp3.. )

Blu-ray burner is amazing for me.. DVD isnt enough these days..

btw I have 5 laptop in my home right now and a tablet .. from Pentium3 600mhz to Core2Duo :P

meepmoopmeep4004d ago

i see your point. but the general consumer might not be using that much space for things, but i could be wrong. i don't think BD-R/RW discs will come cheap any time soon so if you look at the price per GB an external HDD is cheaper and it is less prone to damage.

if they include a BD player/burner without jacking the prices too high then i'm all for it, i mean, it's not a bad thing, but i just think it's not really needed

Bleucrunch4004d ago

Sweet a new mac with blu-ray.....I could cry! I am not fond of dell but 2 cool points for them.

season0074004d ago

but majority of people who are filling up their 300gbs harddrive are dudes who download porn