Superman Returns to be Available November 20th

Electronic Arts will ship Superman Returns: The Videogame, licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, on November 20. The game, which features storylines from both the Warner Bros. Pictures' film Superman Returns and more than 60 years of DC Comics' content, is being developed by EA's Tiburon Studio in Orlando, Fla., the award-winning studio that develops Madden NFL football, the most popular sports franchise in videogame history. Superman Returns: The Videogame is the ultimate open-world super-hero experience and will be released on the Xbox 360, as well as current generation platforms.

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xboxlj5901d ago

Am I the only person really exited over this game. You don't here much about it.

Anerythristic265901d ago

I was excited about it but at this point I'm waiting for reviews on this game. If it is even decent I'll be all over it I'm a Superman fan.

ASSASSYN 36o5901d ago

I can`t wait to play it. But, it is EA. Im not that much of a EA fan.

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PS360PCROCKS5901d ago

I honestly agree that I think this game will majorly blow, it's done by EA and I personally have decided that ea blows, they lie, con and cheat consumers and gamers alike, and even if this does turn out to be good, I still won't give them my money

RealDoubleJ5901d ago

buy it 2nd hand. Then EA won't see a single penny off you & (hopefully) you'll enjoy the first ever decent Superman game.

I'm hoping we don't have another Superman N64 Fiasco. That was possibly the worst game EVER made.

PS360PCROCKS5901d ago

Good point, I love Spiderman because you can go anywhere, and the fact their doing that is really cool, I would buy it 2nd hand to go around EA

rj815900d ago

Check out the sizzler trailer up at IGN.COM.


shortyNZ5900d ago

im over seeing games that come out on old gen consoles making their way to 360, even if the graphics are updated its still not designed to be truly next gen, i bought burnout revenge, great game but im not wasting cash on anything but the best from now on! i was interested in sonic but uhh not after the dodgy demo, bring on GOW and bioshock!