9 of the best WTF? PS3 games of 2013 – nothing makes sense anymore

OPM: There are classics, cult classics and then there are the other games: the one’s that stand out like a dog spray painted pink and wearing a hat. Those release where nothing makes sense anymore. These are those – the best WTF? games of 2013.

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Septic2063d ago

Farming Simulator 2013- GOTY.

legend9112063d ago

There was a forklift one.

Squall50052063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

You should check out PCWorld if you live in the UK. It's full of terrible simulator games.


There's loads. Surgery, gardening, stone quarry, crane, bus, cable car. The list goes on. Who buys this shit?

caseh2063d ago

'Rambo: The Video Game

It’s actually a stealth/action FPS that recreates key moments from all three films.'

I wonder if it will include the end of the original movie where Ramboss has a mini breakdown and crys for 5 minutes while mumbling incoherently...

KrimsonKody2063d ago

One Piece looks cool.
I love those quirky, Bayonetta-esque type of games.

kingPoS2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

If you went into the current One Piece game knowing nothing of the anime or manga, you'd be hopelessly lost.