March Madness; PS3 Attitude Big Three

Continuing their monthly feature, PS3 Attitude spell out the three UK and European releases you need to have in your life for the month of March.

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butterfinger4004d ago

I am definitely looking forward to picking up my copy of Army of Two tomorrow, and GT5 Prologue in maybe April, but Everybody's Golf? I'd say there are two must haves on this list lol

gololo4004d ago

GT5 Prologue will be worth picking up...can't wait

LOFT3164004d ago

GT5 and Everybodys Golf for me
Its been to long without Everybody's golf !
Love that game

King20084004d ago

I like the idea of Army of Two with a lil help from reviews I might invest in this game. GT5 is a definite and i've owned everything Hot Shots Golf ever.

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