Gamestop's PS3 Software Release List

A list printed today from Gamestop that lists all the games they have in their database and their releast dates. All games are marked with a $59.99 price tag. No accessories were available at the time this list was printed. Posted in order of listed release. Looks like a total of 19 launch games:

11/01/06 NBA 2K7
11/01/06 NHL 2K7
11/07/06 Call of Duty 3
11/07/06 Marvel Ultimate Alliance
11/07/06 Tony Hawk's Project 8
11/14/06 Blazing Angels
11/14/06 Fear
11/14/06 Full Auto 2
11/14/06 Madden NFL 2007
11/14/06 Rainbow Six: Vegas
11/14/06 Sonic the Hedgehog
11/14/06 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007
11/17/06 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
11/17/06 Genji: Days of the Blade
11/17/06 Mobile Suite Gundam Crossfire
11/17/06 NBA 07
11/17/06 Resistance: Fall of Man
11/17/06 Ridge Racer 7
11/17/06 Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
11/20/06 Need for Speed: Carbon
12/12/06 Fight Night Round 3
12/19/06 NBA Live 2007
01/01/07 Stranglehold
01/01/07 Unreal Tournament 2007
02/05/07 Eye of Judgement
02/05/07 Godfather
02/05/07 Half-Life 2
02/05/07 NBA Street Vol 4
02/05/07 SingStar
02/15/07 Bladestorm: Hundred Years War
02/15/07 Fatal Inertia
03/01/07 Assassin's Creed
03/01/07 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
03/01/07 Heavenly Sword
03/01/07 Lair
03/01/07 MLB 07: The Show
03/01/07 MotorStorm
03/06/07 Army of Two
03/06/07 Burnout 5
03/06/07 Def Jam
03/06/07 Medal of Honor Airborne
03/13/07 Virtua Fighter 5
03/20/07 Virtua Tennis 3
04/02/07 The Darkness
04/03/07 Moster Madness
06/01/07 Warhawk

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THAMMER15899d ago (Edited 5899d ago )

That is a good launch window. A really good launch window for real. I wonder how many are confirmed.

D R Fz5899d ago

That is a rather large amount of games for the launch window. Now i just need to hear more info on the online aspect of the ps3 and it will be a nearly flawless launch for me.

andy capps5899d ago

Yeah it is, and that's good news, but I wouldn't take that list as the 100% truth. Unless they've confirmed all of those anyway. SCEJ confirmed that Motorstorm is being released in November (or maybe it was December), so that is wrong if that is released at the same time in America. Supposedly all of the languages are on the same Blu-ray disc so I would assume that it would be released at roughly the same time as in Japan. That may or may not be correct, but I would think that the launch games are probably correct since they've probably been told by the publishers what the deal is. The ones beyond that may just be guess work.

Have you been converted to the Sony side or are you just giving some props to the launch lineup? :) I agree that it is a good launch lineup, but I just didn't expect that from you.

bizzy125899d ago

nothing stand out on that list that say buy a ps3.its even multiplat games or whats all ready out on the 360 no every game on 360 surport live i dont no a bout ps3 online half tho games on the list dosent have on line features.

sparco5898d ago

I have to aggree with you there m8. Except that Resistance looks pretty good. But still, it aint enough to make me buy a PS3. 1 thing i have to disaggree with is that every 360 game supports Live. Hitman didn't. It didn't even have it on the box.


yea it looks way better then the PS2 launch ... ( FANTAVISION ) i hated that game but this one looks way better

THAMMER15899d ago

People who one bloth systems will have some hard chioices to make when it comes to multi platform games.

Get achivements or not. On line game play or not. Free demos or not.

D R Fz5899d ago

but when more details on sony's online capabiliities are released, online gameplay and achievements will be something to look forward to on both consoles regardless of the game.

andy capps5899d ago

Well, some of the multi-platform releases have online gameplay, some don't. There have been rumors about an equivalent of achievement points on the Playstation's online service as well as demos, but they haven't released all the info on that yet to the public. It also depends on if people want to pay a yearly or monthly fee for the privilege of playing against their friends online. Xbox live you have to do that, Sony's games you won't, with the exceptions of if there are any MMO's like Everquest or WoW.

But yeah, there are still some questions about the Playstation's online service because they haven't released all the details, so if online was your main priority and that's all you cared about and didn't care about paying for it, then yeah, Xbox Live would probably be best for you. I consider multiplayer a bonus, but I prefer more the experience of the single player aspects of the game. Co-op is another story though. :)

CAPS LOCK5899d ago

is great. it is much better than the 360 launch, but where is motorstorm and resistance?

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