Peter Molyneux and Co. Back Death Inc.

GamerZines writes:

Last week we brought word of a nifty new Kickstarter project named Death Inc. from Ambient Studios, which involves players assuming the role of the Grim Reaper during the days of the Black Plague in Europe.

Not exactly the kind of premise publishers would fall over themselves to provide financial backing for, but that doesn't mean this potential release isn’t devoid of merit.

That’s why premier UK talent like Media Molecule’s Alex Evans (you’ll probably remember him from last week’s PS4 reveal), the creator of Joe Danger Sean Murray and even industry luminary Peter Molyneux have all pitched in to help give the project their financial and more importantly video backing.

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Blackdeath_6632150d ago

peter molyneux can fund the damn game himself. using his fans and hype he generates with ambitious promises to kickstart his project and have people fund his games for him so he can create his games without risking anything if they fail is questionable. people need to think twice before the give money on kickstarter specially when you know the person has the means and resources to make the game himself

Muffins12232150d ago

what happened to his last game goddus?

IronFistChinMi2150d ago

Reading comprehension not your strong point? He's backed someone else's project, not asking for people to back one of his.

@Muffins Godus received the required funds and is in development.

miyamoto2149d ago

I was really surprised to see his brother Phil as a big Sony VP exec at CES 2013.

kma2k2150d ago

What lies is he claming this time?

Just_The_Truth2150d ago

Cop: Point to where he touched you MILO...
Peter: If you say anything you'll never see another day

The only promise he's kept.

Donnieboi2149d ago

Funny bubble for YOU!!!!

SilentNegotiator2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

So long as he didn't back it at a $XXX,XXX level where he gets to help develop it, fine.