Should You Buy 3-Way SLI?

Kotaku writes:

We had a taste of NVIDIA's borderline-ridiculous option for performance enthusiasts a few months back. The results of this fearsome hardware configuration? A 33% increase in frame rates for Crysis on its higher settings. Sure, it's nice to play Crysis at its sexiest, but not for such a premium price.

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TrevorPhillips4191d ago

do we really need this right now

BrianC62344191d ago

No we don't. Besides, PC gaming is dead. Why waste so much money on it? I'm tired of having to waste money for something most games won't take advantage of anyway. And within six months your awesome PC will be outdated anyway. It isn't smart to spend this kind of money on a computer for gaming anymore.

mighty_douche4191d ago

If money is NO object then, hell, why not.

But for the average dude, no, not worth it.

4191d ago
Ghoul4191d ago

Definatly no

not even when you have the money, that trend is horrable and only an excuse for devs to not optimise theyre games for the current hardware.

"If a sli - triple system runs the game the next wave of gpus will run it on single setup" bad bad behaviour

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