Interview with Lumines composer Takayuki Nakamura

Tokyo native Takayuki Nakamura Nakamura has forged a successful career as an independent-minded artist. He worked as a sound designer for SEGA for six years before becoming a composer for Dreamfactory and scoring Squaresoft brawlers Tobal 2 and Ergheiz. He has contributed to the original score of Ninety-Nine Nights for the XBox 360 and is the chief composer for the popular puzzle action series Lumines. Last month the composer's Brainstorm label published the album "Lumines remixes Winter," which brought together songs from the Xbox Live Arcade's Rockin' Holiday Pack, including tracks by guests h ueda and Keiichi Sugiyama. Then in January he debuted his solo album of Lumines II arrangements "L.II Remixes." Siliconera had the chance to interview Nakamura on the topic of his new releases and his painstaking approach to creating a complex assortment of rich and unconventional videogame music.

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