Frontlines: Fuel Of War, Completely Broken On Steam

Frontlines: Fuel Of War is currently completely broken on Steam. While Steam still allows you to purchase the game for $49.95US, the download does not include critical files required to launch the game. Valve has had the game on the store for the past few days, and is yet to fix the problem. A quick look at the Steam forum for the game shows how widespread it is. A user at the forums has come up with a manual fix to download the missing files and copy them in, however this still will not fix the single player. It is recommend to avoid purchasing the game from Steam until this issue is resolved.

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TheIneffableBob4186d ago

It's recommended to not purchase this game at all.
It's not that great, despite being made by the team behind Desert Combat.

Charlie26884186d ago

Hopefully Valve fixes it soon since they seem to be making a LOT of money out of PC games Digital Distribution

Snukadaman4186d ago

But the multi player is very cant even use voice...

Apostle4186d ago

It's broken fullstop. The Xbox version can't connect to any servers.

bumnut4186d ago

i had trouble connecting to servers at 1st, but i did manage to get into several games last night.

what i hate the most is when you join a game, the levels loads then you get dumped back to the main menu with a 'game session not available' message.

this will be fixed, i could not even get a game of cod4 for weeks after release

Martini4186d ago

It's the loby system thats all screwed up. Don't try connecting to a server unless there is 4-5 open slots, that should help a lot.