Speculation: EA has something up their sleeves?

Geekpulp's editor writes
"I received a parcel via courier today, it contained what you can see in the picture. A ticket to Singapore, I was contacted about two weeks ago to see if I would be able to attend a function/party/event type shindig that EA is hosting in Singapore, no mention has been made as to what the event is for other than the people at EA are very excited about it, no particular game hinted at, nothing specific other than the pick-up time and location, the venue of the event remains a mystery."

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NO_PUDding4003d ago

Steven Spielbergs game?

Actually no point guessing, EA is such a monopoly there's no hope anymore.

DRUDOG4003d ago

And this is news because?

I'll assume that none of us will be holding our breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.

RecSpec4003d ago

The only thing EA has up their sleeve is a dagger to stab all of their fans in the back.

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The story is too old to be commented.