Call of Duty 3 multiplayer Screens

Call of Duty 3 features a stronger multiplayer section than the previous games in the series did, not least because of the introduction of vehicles - tanks, jeeps and motorbikes all feature in 360's Xbox Live 24-player matches.

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Thump19675495d ago

Looks sweet what a time to be a gamer

unleash bass5495d ago (Edited 5495d ago )

I think it maybe time to trade in BattleField2, this looks like it will best it! The additon of vehicles will be great. OHHH YESSS(voice of churchill the dog).

Sphinx5495d ago

It's about time COD figured that one out!

BIadestarX5495d ago

I have a 51' tv; I hate working split screen on it. But I'm sure some people don't mind.