Gears of War: Teasing Site and Videos

Microsoft is starting the hype campaign for Gears of War. Check out the new teaser site.

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Captain Tuttle5901d ago (Edited 5901d ago )

This link has crashed Firefox so bad for me that I had to restart, twice.

Edit: I opened it in explorer and it worked fine. Super cool.

ZeroAlarm5901d ago

This seems to have a great storyline behind it. The film techniques used in the site are awesome!

THWIP5901d ago

I've had to restart my PC TWICE thanks to this bug-ridden site; twice with Firefox, and once with IE7.0

PS360PCROCKS5901d ago

This confuses me more than it excites me, if you really want to excite me MS give me the game early, give me a demo, or give me a review showing this game stands up to the hype...Which I undoubtedly believe it will

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