Xbox LIVE GTA IV Sweepstakes

The launch of Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360® is sure to be one of the biggest gaming events of the year. Now you have a chance to experience all the excitement of the big release party in New York City with the Xbox LIVE® GTA IV Sweepstakes!

Along with four trips for two to New York, Xbox Live has thousands of other prizes to give away, including custom Xbox 360 Elite consoles, Microsoft Points, Gold subscriptions, and more. Don't miss your chance at these great prizes-all you need is a gamertag to enter!

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DarkSniiper4191d ago

Dark Sniper is all over this...


Dann79784191d ago

No thanks i think i will play the better version on my ps3

360_Rules4191d ago

The 360 is the lead platform. So yeah the 360 is the best version. :D

360_Rules4191d ago

PopEmUp My 360 has never RROD fool! So enjoy playing the second best version on your movie player. Hahahahhahahaahaa

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Rhezin4191d ago

wow your a backstabber.

pwnsause4191d ago

Thats Darksniper's counterpart, Darksniiper.

Dann79784191d ago

Were getting our own content as well you stupid ass you just payed 50 million for stupid side missions

Sez 4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

what DLC for the ps3. please give us a link or better yet. anyone from rockstar that said that the ps3 will have DLC while the 360 version only has side mission. let me help you out so you don't waste your time and ours. there is none. the 360 version is the best hands down. so you and every other sonyfanboy can pull DLC out of your @ss all you want. but it's not happening. and even if the ps3 does get some DLC(like extra cars,guns,diffrent color cloth) the 360 version will get that and more. so have fun waiting 20mins to 1 hour of install time just for 1 second of faster loadtime.

IzKyD13314191d ago

damn, MS is really going at this game's launch with a bang

JohnRico4191d ago

You got to give Microsoft credit though. Sony never has & never will pull off something this big

qohelet4191d ago

sounds kinda insecure to me...
they are trying to lure people into associating gta=xbox,
because people just DON'T right now (gta=ps to average joe whether we like it or not)

Sez 4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

sounds like your insecure. GTA started out on PC. so the only people trying to associate the game it's sonyfanboys. i think you guys are that worried that MS will be promoting this game better than sony will. which will result in more sells for the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.