Why So Much Hatred From the PC Guys Towards The PlayStation 4?

"Gamer-rider.com writes--These are just small samples of the bigger picture here. It seems that Sony has made a new enemy by simply stating what will be inside the PS4, and by their fans being simply being happy with the good news. But the reason for all the slandering from the PC crowd still eludes me though. It’s hard to imagine it being something as petty as jealousy, so I’m not ready to jump to that conclusion yet.

So to the PC crowd I ask, what is your gripe with Sony and the PlayStation 4? It seems that the developers who will be making the games are as impressed with the specs as the fans are, so why are you guys unimpressed and so angry?"

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Galacticos3931d ago

PC-only owners always hated the consoles, nothing new here.

gillri3931d ago

indeed, I play all system personally, my two favourite games of all time 'Shenmue' and 'Deus Ex' couldnt be more console or PC respectively

But personally I find a disproptionate amount of PC-only players to a bunch of revolting elitist morons

animegamingnerd3931d ago

isn't the first deus ex on the PS2

deadpoole3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

In my point of view, reason behind so much hatred from PC guys towards PS4 is because they buy really really expensive hardware filled with various kind of bottlenecks (be that OS, RAM, Motherboard, Graphic Card etc)and at the same time game developers not able to utilize true potential of their individual alone capable hardware and offers nothing but average optimized game (as they have to cover broader pc gamerbase using various configuration etc).

So when PS4 comes up with system design architecture that offers more of a streamlined approach with little to no bottlenecks in their architecture design and getting all the love by game developers in optimization department. This upsets them big time because they are not getting the love, priority, respect, service for spending all that much amount of money from game developers.

MYSTERIO3603931d ago

Couldn't of said it better myself

LocutusEstBorg3931d ago

It's because the image quality on consoles is substandard. No matter what GPU it has, or what resolution it runs at or how good the in-game effects are, the rendering quality is always crap. Angular textures will be blurry and the overall scene will be aliased compared to the sharp output of a PC.

SatanSki3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

I think the hatred is coused by developers who brought PC franchises to consoles dumbing them down. I also play on 360, PS3 and PC taking whats best from all platforms.

Offcourse there is also the problem of terrible console to pc ports

T9003931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )


1. Not every PC gamer buys high end rigs.

2. You can build a 600usd PC around the time of PS4PC launch and it will outperform the PS4PC.

3. PC games are cheaper hence in the end PC gaming is cheaper in the long run. Have fun when none of your older games work on the new box. That itself is a loss worth thousands of USD.

4. If the console architecture is so good then why was PS3 the machine with the most badly optimized games this gen. BF3 input lag, Skyrim FPS issues, COD FPS issues, Mafia 2 no grass the list goes on. Stop kidding yourself its not like consoles have it perfect.

5. Again if console optimization was so good, it would beat 5 year old PCs, 8800GTX says hi again. Still unbeaten by any of current consoles. Same will happen with PS4. Except this time it will be even cheaper on PC to beat the PS4PC. Not to mention all the cheaper games ;-) and BC ;-)

Bottomline Consoles are essentially PCs now, just locked down ones. Sony and MS act as middle men to suckle on royalties for every piece of software sold.

Its a matter of choice some of us prefer freedom vs being dictated on what our machines can do.

WarThunder3931d ago

PS4 spec are great because these specs will not downgrade graphics on the PC.

Selech3931d ago


1. Agree!

2. Might be my insane country (Denmark), but thats not possible, and it wont be in 6 mounths.. You have to look at the specs again!

3. True!

4. So far off on this one.. Look at the specs! Its a PC! The PS3 had the Cell, which sucked for game devs.. A PC needs more resources because you have so many this running in the background, which means that devs still can't get the optimal out of the hardware. This is much easier on console. And every PS4 is the same, therefore its much easier to optimize for the hardware! PC gaming the devs can't optimize for every different setup, and will loose more on optimization..

5. GFX card was terrible on PS3.. Agree.. But we don't know how the PS4s card will be. Biggest problem with PS3 was the RAM, and going from 512mb to 8GB DDR5 is quite a jump, and it will be pretty future minded..

When you buy a console, you don't have to think about upgrading when a new game comes out.. Therefore I love console gaming!

Ares84HU3931d ago


Do you actually believe all that you just said??

First off, it's called PS4. Not PS4PC. Second, who said that it won't support older games? The PS3 can play PS1 and PS2 games so it's very likely that the PS4 will play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

PS3 is a 7+ year old technology who can you even compare it with todays PC tech?? It had bad ports because some developers couldn't utilize the system properly. But look at exclusive games and you'll see that it's crap that the PS3 is not capable of great graphics. Just look at Killzone 2, 3, Uncharted 1,2,3, Gran Turismo 5 and tell me the PS3 isn't capable of great graphics.

Consoles aren't PCs still. The main focus of a console is to play video games. The PC's main focus is not to play video games. The difference are very big

You PC guys are soooo butthurt because how great the PS4 looks that it's pathetic. Because so far all you got is graphics and now that being taken away it hurst you deep inside and you are rolling around in your little troll cave that your most precious argument is gone. So now again you have to go back to the bs argument that PC games are cheaper yet no prices are announced for PS4 games or the system. But as far as price goes, most PS3 games drop $10 in 2-3 months after release and $20-30 within 3-6 months of release. So if you can wait a bit you can get those games for even cheaper than on PC. So just stop with the bs that pc gaming is cheaper. I know real pc gamers and they spend a shitload of money on their rigs. New gaming mouse, keyboard, video card, more ram, larger hdd, etc, a new video card alone costs $600 which is way more than a console and that is just a single hardware that won't play games by itself without other hardware. So just be quiet with this stupidity.

DigitalAnalog3931d ago

There's a lot of strawmen in your arguments but let me respond to them directly.

"If the console architecture is so good then why was PS3 the machine with the most badly optimized games this gen. BF3 input lag, Skyrim FPS issues, COD FPS issues, Mafia 2 no grass the list goes on. Stop kidding yourself its not like consoles have it perfect. "
Why regulate yourself only to the PS3? It's a known fact that many 3rd party developers underperform, considering your stance on "consoles" you would have at least have the decency to place forward the 360 as your standard. Those games you've mentioned happened to properly "optimized" on the 360 while both the PC & PS3 (especially) got the shaft.

"Again if console optimization was so good, it would beat 5 year old PCs, 8800GTX says hi again. Still unbeaten by any of current consoles. Same will happen with PS4. Except this time it will be even cheaper on PC to beat the PS4PC. Not to mention all the cheaper games ;-) and BC ;-) "

Console optimization goes beyond the standard of an equivalent GPU which is a fact. You can't just choose the "best" out of the cards at that time and then to have selective dissonance to strengthen your position to be infallible in that regard.

In short, everything else you have said is just plain obvious. To wave the PC mantle pretending nobody is aware of it's advantages is just another projection to stroke your ego. You should be happy that the PS4's specs is revealed the way it is as it sets a higher benchmark on the default PC standard than it was previously.

Baka-akaB3931d ago


Exagerations go both ways .

If consoles werent well optimized , how come they can still run even gimped versions of stuff like Farcry 2 , 3 and the likes of Crysis 1-3 .

Sure it's a far cry from a mid to good pc machines , but i have yet to see any pc run those as well with only say 256 to 512 gb of ram .

Other than that point i can agree with the rest .

DatNJDom813931d ago

PC guys hate on consoles cause consoles once robbed their mommas and daddys and in a dark alley. The consoles (I heard it was a PSOne, Gamecube, Saturn) running on such awesome games, thought they, owned everything, and shot the parents, gungnam style. As the dad was laying on the floor he said, "Dont be afraid Bruce".

Years later when the pc justice league was created they vowed to keep justice and order against consoles by hacking PSN, pirating old console games, and praising the xbox.

See that story there, that makes about as much sense as the hate PS4 gets from PC fanboys.

Ron_Danger3931d ago

Didn't a little green puppet once say "fear leads to hate"??

reynod3931d ago


2. Hardware prices vary from country to country, in general looking at the PS4 specs, we can build something simular today around 600usd.

4. How do you know the PS4s CPU wont suck for games development. Its based of AMD Jaguar which is designed for mobile hardware and is known to be much weaker than Desktop parts.

5. Again how do you know PS4 wont run into bottlenecks of its own. You dont know that yet until development starts. PS3 looked invincible before release, 8800gtx ran circles around it.


Its confirmed PS4PC wont be running PS1, PS2 or PS3 or even PSN games. To do that they will need to include hardware from the older consoles. Which they cant due to costs.

PS3 is 6 years old, 8800GTX is about 6 years old, 8800GTX beats it. 500usd PCs of today will run cicles around PS3, expect same to happen to PS4 very shortly.

PC gamers arent butthurt infact its a victory for us that now console makers finally embrace a more PC like architecture.

Why do you compare 600usd GPU to a part that is hardly worth 200usd in the PS4? compare apples to apples and no PC gamers dont buy Keyboards, Mouse, Casings, HDs every time we upgrade. My Keyboard, casing, mouse are well over 5 years old and i dont intend to upgrade them either.

Check Steam GMG discounts, console game prices are a joke in comparison, specially since there is no BC on them.


Sure you wont get a PC with 512MB running any of those games, however thats because the PC has an OS to run. It would be silly to expect that to work.

Thats not necessarily a bad thing, since PC by default always has had higher specs. You couldnt design a PC with console Specs even back when current gen launched.

Having said that A PC from PS3s time aka 6 years back will play Farcry 2 better than the PS3, just equip it with a 8800GTX and watch the show. I personally seen 8800GTX run farcry 2 in 1080p Maxed out doing around 35fps.

While consoles do get better optimization its not leagues ahead of PC, like people believe it to be.

Dylila3931d ago

the ps4 will be able to get all pc games from the past and get all pc games for the next 10 years rendering the pc irrelevant considering that developers can make more money on the ps4 because of rampant pirating of pc games.

the ps4 bested all top end pc games especially crysis 3 which is the best looking game on pc but the ps4 did it with a game that is not close to being finished. killzone sf is the best looking game and it wont be out for another eight months

KillrateOmega3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )


Well said and spot-on.


A lot of what you said were pretty obvious facts and most of the rest was just crap that stems from lack of understanding.

DragonKnight3931d ago

I always have a laugh whenever a topic involves PC in any way. It always devolves into "you can build a great PC for $600 that can beat consoles" or *lists random number and letter combinations for names of GPU's and talks about 'TEH POWAH' of PC ad nauseum*

The simple fact is that PC fanboys don't hate consoles. What they hate is the idea that anyone wouldn't consider the PC the almighty end all/be all gaming platform, and by extension themselves as the ultimate gamers. It's an ego trip. It always has been, it always will be. It's the same thing with console fanboys and hearkens to the notion that if you own something of superior quality, you are a superior individual. That's why PC gamers think console gamers are "casual" because they don't spend hundreds on parts to build a PC, thus they don't care about gaming as much as PC enthusiasts allegedly do. That's why console fanboy X will brag about the graphical superiority of their favoured console against console fanboy Y.

Guaranteed you will NEVER find a thread ANYWHERE on the internet that even HINTS about PC without someone brining up specs and cost the same way car enthusiasts do. NOWHERE!

Ares84HU3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )


Who confirmed it?? Show me a link of an official announcement! And just because you don't upgrade your PC (which I'm sure you do but you just want to bs as most pc gamers) doesn't me other pc gamers don't. As I said I know hardcore PC gamers and they spend a lot every 8-10 months on their rigs.

You are just pulling bs out of your ass son.

Also, you are again comparing PC of today to the PS3 which is 7 years old kid. Why do PC gamers still do that and than you say compare apples to apples?? Don't make me laugh.

Than who said you need hardware to run PS1, PS2 and PS3 games??? You can emulate them with software just like PS1 and PS2 games are on the PS3 right now smart guy. There is enough horse power in the PS4 to do all that.

So stop bs-ing please because you look really, really stupid.

SilentNegotiator3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

PC-only owners have always had a special animosity for Playstation, though. During the PS2 era because it was popular and not even the strongest console. During the 7th gen, they just had a stick in their rear because some fanboys overestimated PS3's CPU in comparison to the rig parts that their daddy bought for them, thus they had to become bitter and hate Playstation at every corner.

Furthermore, they think that systems of average power "hold back" high end PCs, as if it would ever make sense to cater exclusively to, or give special attention to, the small rich gamer group. Keep dreaming, Scrooge; the "surplus population" combined has more money and volume than you and the boys down at the stock market.

HappyGaming3931d ago

I like how people state the 8800GTX outperformed the PS3 1 year after its release even though the launch price of the GFX card alone was $600.

Compare a $600 system built in 2006 (with 512mb of RAM) and then tell me if it could possibly run games at the same level as The Last of Us.

That is the difference between consoles and custom built PCs optimization.

Bimkoblerutso3931d ago

It's just elitism. I can fully understand PREFERRING one to the other, but out-and-out hatred is just pure elitist idiocy.

Though from a certain perspective I can understand why PC gamers would be upset that the vast majority of good games were only ported over to the PC as an afterthought this generation. I mean good god, DX11 will be the second straight generation of DirectX that has basically gone down the crapper simply because developers refused to put any extra time into the PC ports for their console-centric games.

Crystallis3931d ago

@deadpool. Spot on man. bubbles for you.

awi59513931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )


Pc gaming is only expensive for idiots that cant build their own pc. If you fall for Dell's marketing scemes or any Major pc builder you should know those pc's have huge markups on the components. Anyone that buys a alienware needs their head examined. All the major Pc builders, geekbox,doghouse, or whoever are crooks. I can build any of those Pc's for 1/2 or 1/3 the price. Build your own pc and it will never cost you more than a console. Because used pc parts sell well. When i upgrade i sale my parts on ebay and i easily have like 600 bucks to build me a new pc for 600 bucks. Alot of time i have 100 or so dollars left over so i can buy a little better gpu,cpu, or power source than i planned.

I run all my games on ultra settings easy. Upgrading is easy if you bought quality parts to start with. Then when those parts go out production the used ones sale for almost retail price of the new ones when they launched. Just look at the nividia cards and amd cards from last year that are out of production they are selling for 300 plus dollars for midend cards.

Oh for example i sold my motherboard on ebay for 90 bucks 2 weeks ago. Im upgrading my rig but the motherboard is 130 brand new and its 2 years old.Yet i still got 90 bucks for it. You can get your money back easy by parting out your builds.

Oh also i sold my AMD 1100T x6 cpu for 180 dollars as well used.

NateCole3931d ago

Dude not cool. I don't hate console gaming as a matter of fact i love it but i don't like it when PC games are compromised because of console gaming.

I prefer each platforms having their own dedicated devs to push each platform to the limit to get the best. That is why i own multiple platforms.

With Bizzard and Crytek focusing on console. It is obvious that their games have suffered. We have also seen it with infinity ward etc.

TheGamerDood3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

even TotalHalibut is trolling. lol saw this on the KZ channel.

ProjectVulcan3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

I dunno. I don't hate consoles. PS4 and Nextbox will be brilliant for PC because it'll be easier than ever to port games onto PC with better CPU optimisation.

I do dislike people who have no clue what they are talking about though, lap up hype, and make ridiculous statements that obviously are either to incite arguments or mislead ever more unlucky readers.

You can explain something extremely simply on this site but you'll still get disagrees from people with practically zero knowledge, just for the hell of it.

Nick_5153931d ago

I'm sorry, but that comment is just all kinds of stupid...