Mirror's Edge previewed by GamePro

Despite the constant influx of new first-person titles in today's gaming marketplace, innovation in the genre is sadly lacking. For every title like Portal, there are a dozen sci-fi or wartime shooters. Its characters, too, largely mimic each other -- gruff soldiers who move around with the grace of a dumptruck. The last company GamePro expected to create the next great innovative first person title was Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE). While DICE has created some great games in the Battlefield series, the very nature of the series was based in traditional, war-based first-person shooting. Perhaps that's why when the company unveiled Mirror's Edge alongside two new Battlefield properties, GamePro were ignorant to its existence for a moment. Once they got to see the game in motion, however, they became fully aware of what may be the sleeper hit of 2008.

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ichimaru4003d ago

anyone knows if these screens are in-game or not?

Jamegohanssj54003d ago


I can see what's going to happen and I predict that EA will have some of their people go screw with the game.

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