Crispy Gamer: WipEout Pulse Review

Crispy Gamer: WipEout Pulse is a game that doesn't try to fix what isn't broken. This is to say that it takes the formula laid down by its futuristic racing forebears, tweaks it ever so slightly, and wraps it in a package of new features over which any fan of WipEout is sure to salivate. Customizable ship skins, custom soundtrack features, a new open-ended single-player progression and full online play features are the highlights of the aforementioned package, and they're more than enough to make Pulse a worthy purchase for almost any PSP owner.

What's Hot: Stellar visuals; Racing is challenging and thrilling; Online play for up to eight players; Customizable ship skins and soundtrack

What's Not: Upcoming downloadable content won't be free; Could have used a greater variety of tracks

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Regret4187d ago

"What's Not: Upcoming downloadable content won't be free"

Stupidest con i've ever seen.

ohhthegore4186d ago

Hundreds of games come out now that charge for downloadable content, theres no reason it should be looked at as a negative in this scenario

Charlie26884186d ago

I actually find it interesting that decided to charge for it cuz if you remember Wipeout Pure had a TON of DLC an it was all free...odd