Xbox 360 Hacked; Mod Chips Available

Less than one year after the Xbox 360's release date, a fully functional mod chip is available.

GameTrailers can confirm that the mod chip works as advertised, allowing the player to copy authentic, retail Xbox 360 games to DVD and play them on their Xbox 360s.

What's more, the mod chip currently allows players to access Xbox Live gameplay using a burned, pirated game disc.

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HaHa6346d ago

Man. There are some people out there that can do anything. No security and no protection works against them. It's kinda scary

Ravenator5296346d ago (Edited 6346d ago )

I wonder if the fall update is going to address this issue?

At least for the "live" aspect of it.


this happened to dreamcast too ... and it fail ... i wonder what will companies will do about hackers ... i mean can i play 360 games on my PS3 since it will have a blue ray drive or can i play them PS3 games on my 360... damn we will see when PS3 comes out they will hack it too since they are claiming that is a computer no a video game console ... stupid hackers lol

Ravenator5296346d ago

Every system has been hacked.

Dreamcast, PS2, PSone, XBox, 360, even Gamecube! So yes, the PS3 will be hacked as well.

It will be very hard, but it will happen!

And BTW, your post makes no sense whatsoever! This is talking about playing pirated (copied) 360 games on a modded XBox360.

Where are you coming up with this notion of playing PS3 games on a 360 or vise-versa?


i was just saying since i can play playstation games on my computer i was wondering maybe in the future they will make a mod so we can play any game on the ps3 or any game on 360 ... i was just saying ... dont shoot me lol

unleash bass6346d ago

You can play NES, SNES, PS1 etc.. on XBOX basically anything less powerfull. I don't think that you'll be able to play PS3 games on a 360 or vice versa though because they are too similar power wise, I would have thought, that neither of them will have enough power to run an emulator + the game it's self without serious slow down, but you never know.

Regarding this mod chip, I'm sure MS will do something to stop pirate games from working on 'live'. Maybe not in the fall update but the next one.

Dancryer6346d ago

news like this regarding any console past & present is a real let down, Hackers need to be shot and then get themselves a real job like the rest of us!

I for one hope anyone caught using these so called modchip's and the like get prosicuted to the the max!

CompGeek6346d ago

You can get the same functionality for free with a firmware flash. Why would you pay for a mod-chip that does what can be done for free with no hardware modification?