NVIDIA secretly overclocks GeForce 9600GT?

Many were astounded by how well GeForce 9600GT performed in the first reviews. Even though the number of shader processors were reduced to 64, it was breathing down the neck of the much better equipped 8800GT. Many reviews have used factory-overclocked cards, simply because many partners decided to launch overclocked cards, instead of going with NVIDIA's reference of 650MHz. However there have been some oddities, and in some cases, GeForce 9600GT has performed extremely well, even at the reference frequency.

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Diselage4188d ago

I'll be upgrading this summer, could get a pair of 9800's but may have to wait and see what all comes out between now and then.

bourner4188d ago

when or what time is the best to update or build a new pc ?????????????????????????

TheIneffableBob4188d ago

At the end of a hardware lifespan, which is about now.
The 9 series will be coming out very soon which will cause the 8 series cards to drop in price. I'm buying an 8800GTX soon for $200--it used to cost $500.

Charlie26884188d ago

don't buy the 8800GTX that would be a waste of money, buy the new 8800GTS 512 (remember it HAS to be the 512mb the 640mb are the old model) this new ones perform at the par with the ULTRAS and are very cheap and for even more power buy the factory OC

funkeystu4187d ago

512mb 8800GT's are going for a song at the moment too, I bought one a few weeks ago and I've very happy with it. Compare a few charts with the prices you can get em for and pick the one with the most fps/$. Tom's hardware is a good place to start for the charts (note that it doesn't list the 512mb 8800 GTS charlie was talking about though):