VGG: Conan Review

Conan is an intense experience, and features some of the most visceral combat found in the industry. However, while the fighting engine is solid and fun, the technical issues, lackluster presentation, and somewhat repetitive nature of the game keep it from being among the genre's greatest. A guilty pleasure, but not a must-own.

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Jamegohanssj53908d ago

What the fudge? This game freaking blows! Most Playstation 2 games look a lot better than this and play better.

The Genius has spoken

paracardium3908d ago

I found this game on sale and bought it. It's good for few laughs and good killing if you find it cheap it's worth a play threw at least especially with the funny naked women comments.

Jamegohanssj53908d ago

If I find it for 2 dollars I will pick it up.

The Genius has spoken.