Phantasy Star Universe Pricing Details

Sega has announced official word on the pricing for Phantasy Star Universe's MMORPG Persistant world.

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Ravenator5295902d ago

Sure, I'll play the free beta!

But considering I already paid for online service (XBL Gold), there is no way I am paying another $10 a month to play this game online.

Chewy 1015902d ago

9.99 a month? I think this one will flop.

Sphinx5902d ago

...I'm thinking I'll pass.

BIadestarX5902d ago

I agree, It hurts to pay to play. specially in consoles... But the fact is; if people are paying to play FFXI (and they have millions of doing so), this game will also have its crowd. I will also play the beta; If I get adicted; I will drop a tear every time I use my credit card to pay for it! ahhhh! damn it! you freaken people! Why ... ohh .... why! Do I have to like MMOs!?

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