RROD: An Unhappy Ending

The system was repaired by after the initial warranty expired, and before the new extended 3-year warranty was authorized. He had to glue the magnet back onto the DVD drive. It worked great for a while. However, this constitutes tampering in the eyes of Microsoft, and therefore, when he sent it in for repair for the rings-of-death they returned it un-repaired with the nice letter to XBOX enthusiast stating such.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4188d ago

Between Warrantys, and LOSING customers.

add it up.

they would have sold WAY more than 17 million in 2 1/2 years, if it weren`t for this.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Wageslave must have a "BATSIGNAL" type device for everytime a RROD story is posted.




yes, it is.

TheMART4188d ago

Well don't you get tired of bringing this as news?

Really. The only thing PS3 fans bring on because they're uncertain about their own device, because it's not the best choice for gaming, but hey it plays BluRay movies at least right...

As long as you all feel better keep posting, especially in the PS3 section also which it has nothing to do with. Also put it under the Wii, DS, PSP section and all what's more.

4188d ago
You bought an Xbox4188d ago

I love the RROD
And every book in the world should have the RROD as an ending
To me them books would be the best ever cause they all would have happy endings

heyheyhey4188d ago


and you are back in the gamer zone why?

your copy and paste hate is getting old now

you must have said that "it plays BluRay films" line over 900 times now, all the while not realizing that your actually listing a major plus point of the PS3- and we all know how much you hate those

i mean at least if you were funny like Jaosn 360 or interesting like Bladestar, but no- your just plain annoying

power of Green 4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

I don't even know why 360 fans pay *Anego Montoya FTMFW's* posts any attention all he does is hunt for anti 360 news all day and night every day, its all he posts. Dude is getting so rabid he posts first in his own threads to set the tone in them?. lol Posting as if he's concerned for a company he likes. lol

MSFT would have sold way more if it weren't for Sony lieing about the PS3's launch dates twice to steal MSFT's thunder on top of lieing about PS3's capabilites causing millions to wait for PS3.

You shouldn't be allowed to contribute all your news is worthless and causes fans to ditch the site. Mods should be after people like you, you're hurting their site and lowering traffic, they need to figure out a way of controlling members that have anti company habbits and limit folks submitions when they troll news.

heyheyhey4188d ago

yet i get a feeling POG that if title had said "PS3 is a major failure" then you would be perfectly ok with that

the hypocrisy in you is off the charts mate- you just can't get it out

Ice2ms4188d ago

How Come All The Blatent Xbox/Microsoft Fanboys Still Have Like 5 Bubbles When People Like Anego and heyheyhey only have like 3 Bubbles For You Guys !

Also I Gave Up On My Xbox When It RROD FOR The 3rd Time :( But My Next Door Neigbour has one That Didn't RROD even Once So whenever a Good 360 Game Comes out i go next door lol and the agreement works the other way around so im sorted :)

Tarmgar4188d ago

I agree, they would have A LOT more if it weren't for the failures. And I'm one of them that hasn't bought one because of it. If it weren't for the failures, I would've had one by now.

mikeslemonade4188d ago

The 3 year warranty is over by November for the people who bought the 360 at launch, so if Microsoft doesn't fix the issue by then they all get screwed. Also if they fix it all those people who bought it will need to break the 360 to get the "fixed" sku making the failure rate even higher. The 360 owner right now loses either way because it's simply not feasible for Microsoft to correct every single 360 because "it's not if the the 360 breaks it's when".

To Power of Green and Mart: If there were negative PS3 news in the wild you two would post those articles too. It's just that the writing is on the wall and it's PS3's year. You two guys are part of the problem too and it angers you that there isn't more negative PS3 news.

solar4188d ago


its the reason why i dont own one. i cant justify buying a product that has that high of a rate. who would buy a car if a huge % had engine or transmission problems?

Thoas4188d ago

I thought about buying a Xbox 360 two weeks ago, but seeing a friend of mine get RROD right when he was going to play Bioshock and then seeing the youtube vid of microsoft have one of there xbox 360's get RROD at GDC '08. That made my mind up right away not to get a xbox 360.

Maddens Raiders4188d ago

is how long can MSFT have such loyal, faithful fans and continue to treat them this way?

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4188d ago

doesn`t REPORTING something 3 times make you feel a bit like a child.

AngryHippo4188d ago

Its just negative article after negative article posted again and again. This always is posted by the fans (losers) of the opposing consoles just to annoy people. This site should have a thing where only news about games gets posted in the respective 360 and PS3 sections. Another tab should be added at the top saying 'FLAMEWAR', where all the idiots can post flamebait articles as much as they want. This open zone and gamer zone seriously do not work. Articles like this once approved can only lead to one thing, bickering between little girls. And i dont know im the only one but i dont want to have to come on this site and see oh ANOTHER RROD article by another Sony fan.

PirateThom4188d ago

He did tamper with it, to be fair.

crazy250004188d ago

Yeah, he shouldn't have bought it and took it out of the box :/

Anego Montoya FTMFW4188d ago

but, you shouldn`t HAVE to fix it in the 1st PLACE.

and THAT is NOT his fault.

Mu5afir4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Going by the Xbox fanboys monthra, you should never play with your system. I don't think disk drive issues, can cause a system to RROD. So, it's not his fault the system decided to go "sentinel" on him. It would be amazing to see, owners of the Xbox actually being outraged about the lack of support for the system. Then going around blaming the victim for once.

Bazookajoe_834188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

We all know about rrod and it´s a freakin pain in the ass and 360 hardware were somwhat rushed, but why is it under ps3 section?

Edit: Lol, why am i getting disagrees?

travelguy2k4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

- edit, just found out it had been switched to industry.

Bazookajoe_834188d ago

Then it´s understandable =)

zonetrooper54188d ago

Of course its his fault, he opened his 360 when MS tells you not to but he does it anyways. He voided his warranty and so its his fault he won't get it fixed...

Shankle4188d ago

Well what choice did he have at that time? The 360 had broken! There was no warranty covering it at the time. He didn't break it, it broke itself. He would either have to fix it or buy a new one. By opening it up he didn't void his warranty because there was no warranty covering it at the time. It's MS's fault it broke, they should fix it.

mmj4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

That's because at the time of its death Microsoft were still busy yanking everyones chains and flatly denying any major problems even existed.

How was he to know at that time that they'd soon be *forced* into extending the warranty? A games console failure rate of this magnitude was unheard of before Xbox 360.

uxo224188d ago

The 3 year warranty extention has been out for quite some time now. Which means that this 360 has been broken for over 9 months ago. Why is this story now being posted or released.

Whether it was suppose to break or not, can anyone tell me that if you tampered with your PS3 (like opened the case) that sony would honor any warranty work should the system need it. Even if the warranty work had nothing to do with why the case was open. I think not, so some of you guys really need to be a little more realistic and stop being blinded by your hatred for MS.

Had this been a Sony case, the same guys would be call this guy a idiot for opening his case. I know this and so do you. Remember the time when the guy was refused warranty work because his PS3 was dirty. Some of you guys spend your life's wages try to discredit his story. Some even bashed him for not taking better care of his PS3. Dirty or not, should sony have fixed the console...yes they should have especially being the unit was within the warranty period.

Please guys understand, I'm not trying to bash anyone here, I am just trying to make a point, and support it with past behavior. The constant, repeated anti-Microsoft stories should actually be getting boring for the typical PS3 fan. At least the more mature ones.

moparful994188d ago

Ok you didnt read the article properly.... He clearly stated that he had to fix the unit himself because there was no extended warranty at the time. Either he fixed it and hoped it worked(which it did) or buy a new one... Now microsoft up and extended the warranty on the RRoD issue only to 3 years, he said that his fix lasted for a long time until it red ringed on him. So he sent it to microsoft to fix the rrod issue and they refused it because he fixed a problem with the console that microsoft wouldnt recognize as there fault and still dont... You state that if a sony fan opened their case then we'd react the opposite and attack him. Now why would a sony fan open the case in the first place? There are no issues with the ps3 that arent covered by the warranty and all retailers sell an extended warranty. If he doesnt buy that warranty then its his own fault but considering that this guy had to fix a problem that pre-existed means its microsoft fault. Why are people so determined to take the mud off of microsofts face? They knowingly released a faulty product just to beat sony....

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