The first game for the Microsoft Surface computer is Firefly

Mircosoft's Surface campus, they showed the very first videogame ever for this new computing platform. Carbonated games (of Uno and Hexic fame) created it and it's called Firefly.

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sonarus4185d ago

This thing is going to FAIL as a games application. Really don't see how this does anything new for games. Its essentially just a touch screen right??? They could have just made a hand held with a touch screen if they wanted it for games. For other applications it could be successful but not for gaming

sarcastoid4185d ago

You had it right at "This thing is going to FAIL".

No need for anything else.

Daz4185d ago

when has it been made for games? lol

vagina4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Well I think you are wrong. Like the guy said in the video, this would be awesome for RTS games. Just think about playing a game like Warhammer with "tagged" little guys... and I'm sure there will be other *NEW* types of applications for this as well. You can't be so closed-minded. Sure it might not be ideal for FPS's but who cares? And like Daz said this isn't -MENT- to be a game system, but it will have places it will shine.

heyheyhey4185d ago

i agree toxic

this could be immense for RTS games- really immersive stuff

shame it's going to cost 10 grand (thats what they said right)

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vagina4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

This kind of ties into the other news article "Was Windows XP M$'s last good OS?" and I think it's safe to say no. Surface is going to be something quite special I think.

The Killer4185d ago

maybe it can be good for designers but thats all!

heyheyhey4185d ago

finally M$ is doing something that resembles innovation

this thing looks incredible, i really want it if they release C&C 3 on it or Starcraft 2

shame it will probably cost a fortune though (i think they said $10,000 right?)

vagina4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Yeah it's going to cost a lot if you want it *NOW* but that's how all things like this are. First sell to big business at crazy costs to help recoup initial losses then streamline and cost reduce it like crazy till something can be released to the general consumer base. It wont be too long I hope before we'll be able to get something like this for $2000 or so I'm willing to bet.

tk4185d ago

Not that it is very innovative...
You just have the screen in a flat position, have more than one input device... and there you have it. But I can think of many applications that would love this. Heck - imagine playing something like Age of Empires - the interface will be totally different... but could be very cool. Like the DS... have one screen as the input device - and have a second for the game itself...

vagina4185d ago

or imagine if M$'s take what ever it has next as far as the xbox line goes and melds it with this. for instance you would have your nice big HD TV hooked up to your xbox 720 or whathave you, then you have it link wirelessly to your surface pc. your sitting on your sofa playing StarCraft 2 in high def, pushing your squads around with your hands, and then watching the battle unfold infront of you. hella cool aint it? M$'s wants to take over the living room and if they do things like this I have no doubt that they can.

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