TXB: Battlefield: Bad Company Preview

VIA TXB- Not to take anything away from the stellar COD 4, but had the beautiful shooter come out in '08 instead of '07, things would be slightly different. It's mainly about the numbers, as myriad developers and publishers are teaming up on modern military FPS in the COD 4 ilk; some of which have already been released with high praise. We're also looking at another Rainbow Six Vegas title for 2008– a franchise that always seems to leave competitor's shaking in its government-issue boots. But '08 may just be year where DICE forces all of its FPS competition to catch frostbite with the latest in their line of Battlefield titles.

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stennexxx4007d ago

I will give this a try when it comes out but for now COD4 still the leader.

PSN id: stennex

Genuine4007d ago

I'm a COD4 fan too, but Battlefield does alot more gameplaywise. The maps are gianormous, with driveable tanks, humvees, helis, and fighting vehicles. You actually snipe people that are farther than 100yds away. Teamwork is not just an option in Battlefield, it's a necessity (fly off in a heli without picking up teammates and you'll hear about it)

bourner4007d ago

thats for bf2 mainly i not sure about bad company . it might be like cod4 with very little teamwork involved

tony4007d ago

cod4 is untouchable at the moment.

Genuine4007d ago

You could be right, but everything that I have read it doesn't seem like BC is straying from the Battlefield formula much if any. Here are a couple links if you want to check them out.

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UziSuicide4007d ago

From someone who hasn't really gotten into the BF series, this one is actually looking and sounding awesome.

Genuine4007d ago

If your a fps fan and you have never played a Battlefield game, then your in for a great game. I haven't played any other fps series that allowed for some of the things you can do in Battlefield. You want to jump in an Abramms tank with a buddy manning it's 30cal and roll into a firefight, you can. You and 3 buddies want to jump in a heli, fly into a firefight, then 3 of you parachute into the fight, while the heli pilot provides air support, you can do it. You want to sneak into the enemies base and rig their vehicles with explosives, you can do it. You want to lay on a hill with a sniper rifle a mile away from the battle and shoot people, you can. You want to stick C4 to a humvee, drive into a firefight, jump out and let your "car bomb" roll up to the enemy before triggering the explosives, you can do it.

Lol, sorry about the rant. But every shooter fan needs to play Battlefield at some point in their life.

FCOLitsjustagame4007d ago

Will this one actually have a single player? The Battlefield games I have ever played have had crpy single player whose sole purpose was to give you some practice for the multiplayer. I hear the multiplayer is awesome but thats not really my thing. I only pick up games if I will enjoy the single player and if I love that enough, I may try the multiplayer like I did with Gears\Rainbow six\COD4 and Halo3. But if I dont like the single player, I have no interest in the multiplayer.

ikiru33854007d ago

destructable environments?! :-D

looks very very promising.

Bazookajoe_834007d ago

And everything can be destroyed =)

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