Champions Online Trailer - Marvel MMO's Replacement From Cryptic Studios

Most of us have heard by now that the much-anticipated Marvel Universe Online game for the PC and Xbox 360 has been canceled. Cryptic Studios was understandably upset, but they've taken their work on the superhero game in an exciting new direction. Check out this new trailer for proof that change is sometimes a very good thing.

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Twizlex4005d ago

Looks awesome. City of Heroes was pretty good, and it looks like they learned from that and made a cooler game. Wait... what am I saying? It looks pretty much the same! Hopefully it plays better...

sonarus4004d ago

i still think a marvel mmo would have had more appeal. Makes more sence imo to have cancelled champions and put their effort into the marvel one. Anyone know about the dc mmo? is that one still in production

ASSASSYN 36o4004d ago

I will be in this game the day it comes out. I am already a fan. I always wanted to play city of villians (I am self declared pure evil). I can't wait to experince this game.

ASSASSYN 36o4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

A disagree...for what? I never ask but this is odd on a simple statement focused on me. Kids are weird.

green4004d ago

need another superhero flick after playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance.This will do just fine.

heyheyhey4004d ago

what you need is Infamous- that new title form Sucker Punch

you create a superhero, choose whether to be bad or evil and then choose what powers to equip him/her with

and it's sandbox- i think that should be right up your street if your looking for a superhero game

FirstknighT4004d ago

I always thought a Marvel MMO would be difficult. How were they going to stop the game from having thousands of Spider-Mans and Wolverines? I think they should stick with the same formula of City of Heroes and be able to create your own super hero.

Jon Wonder4004d ago

That's the one thing I was confused about. Like if there was one person as Spiderman, there would be a huge uproar from a lot of players. Is this Champion Onlines thing like create a superhero game? Or is it based on a real comic book series with set characters?

Eclipticus4004d ago

I liked City Of Heroes. i just wonder what the monthly fee will be.

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