Final Fantasy Lightning Returns XIII: What We Know

Take a look at all we know about the latest entry in the Final Fantasy series

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Timesplitter142089d ago

I really, REALLY wasn't impressed by the demo. FFXIII wasn't too great either.

user39158002089d ago

Final fantasy xiii its a disgrace to the final fantsy franchise. Shut down square enix now and give us back squaresoft.

Timesplitter142089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Hold on a second. I think I was talking about FF13-2.

They're making an FF13-3!? What the hell man. I think Lightning was a cool character concept but they missed their chance when they made FF13. Now it just looks like they're trying to pump out sequels hoping one day they'll make a worthy game with her in it

majiebeast2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I know i dont want it :P

E3 2013 Final Fantasy 13-4:Lightning on Lightning action.

Square enix seems to be losing relevance every year, if it wasnt for Eidos they would be completely off my radar.

animegamingnerd2089d ago

same here after how they trolled the PS4 event it just show's how they don't care anymore

R_aVe_N2089d ago

They really need to go back to the 1 and done model for FF games. Multiple games for the same number just doesn't make since. The first was horrid why would you make 2 more games to follow it?

chadwarden2089d ago

We know that Lightning is the BEST character in all of video game history!

maximus19852089d ago

carefull i almost didnt notice the sarcasm

tweet752089d ago

ff xIII-2 was an improvement over part one. Its not a spectacular game but a very good one. I hope part 3 keeps improving and it could redeem the final fantasy series if it is a great game.