PALGN: Cooking Mama 2 Review

Palgn writes: While it may sound like a matricidal cannibalism simulator, Cooking Mama 2 is, in fact, a collection of cooking themed mini-games. The game is focused, with laser-like intensity, on a younger, female audience but can it offer anything to the older and/or male gamer?

We have to admit, right up front, that the game's reinforcement of cooking as something that girls and women do and that boys and men have done for them was mildly annoying. Even if that is the unfortunate way of things in the real world, we can't help but feel that a game aimed at younger players could at least entertain the possibility that Papa or a little brother can shamelessly pick up a saucepan once in while. The player is never specifically defined as female - though it is heavily implied through the relentlessly pink and frilly design of the game - but the conservative, 1950s 'woman-in-the-kitchen' vibe was a little disappointing.

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