How the Wii has survived.

Part 3 of a three part series. looks at the first year of life on the Nintendo Wii and gives their opinion. Not for the faint.

"Their latest console, the Nintendo Wii, now harnesses a full DVD disc drive, allowing for larger games such as 'The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess' and Metroid Prime. However, with Nintendo's arrogance and obsession with being different, they have made one major change to differentiate themselves from the competition. This time, the change came on the controller. The Wii system sports the Wii-mote, resembling a fat, vertical version of the original NES controller from the 80's. The new control scheme incorporates and infrared sensor at the top of the controller, allowing you to point at the screen in light gun fashion and interact with games on the platform."

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IzKyD13314185d ago

i have to admit, i thought the wii was gonna be a failure like the gamecube but i was wrong, it opened a door to new gamers and expanded teh casual games market a hell of alot

steriotyp4185d ago

the wii will fail. It is hot right now, but for the wrong reasons. Consumers will realize this I think and Nintendo will need to make additional offerings, such as use of the classic controller to compensate.

unsunghero284185d ago

Maybe you're right in the long run, but there honestly isn't a single gamer that I know that isn't totally psyched for that little "Super Smash" game that comes out in a week. Nintendo may have turned their back on the hardcore gamer to some degree, but I think Mr. Sakurai will have fixed all that. At least for a while.

(And nobody show up and say "HEY I DON'T LIKE SUPER SMASH," because I meant a single gamer in my day-to-day life)

RecSpec4185d ago

Successful for the wrong reason...I'm confused then, what is the right reason?

ChickeyCantor4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

"It is hot right now,"

this is said every month...." its hot right now but it will fail you just wait and see"

HAHAAH it actually reminds me of those boring squirrels from Eek the CAT

"such as use of the classic controller to compensate."

have you been sleeping under a rock?

name4185d ago

What constitutes a failure? IMO once a console sells over 20 million in it's lifespan it's a success. Something has to outsell SOMETHING, everyone isn't gonna sell the same ammount of consoles. I say 20 million because that's just enough amount of an install base for games to sell reasonably. And this is coming from me and my last 2 consoles sold over 100 million ^_^

steriotyp4185d ago

and who would me be? just curious. I agree it is successful, but it is so for the wrong reasons

ChickeyCantor4185d ago

how is it the wrong reason?
there is something called MARKETING
MS screwed it up with their Failure rate, and Sony still promotes the PS3 like its something only for "HARDCORE" GAMERs.( at least thats how the commercials are here in the netherlands)

there is no wrong, thats just saying you cant stand it because its outselling the 2 stronger brothers.

Le-mo4185d ago

No offence, but I think the Wii will seriously die out in the long run. Besides from the occassional Mario and Zelda games what else does Nintendo have?

RecSpec4185d ago

Every system will die out in the long run though...

KeiZka4185d ago

Why yhes, let's state the inevitable. Did you know, PS3 is to die also in the long run? As is X0?


snoopgg4185d ago

there are alot of cheap lower and middle class people buying it for their kids. They have to have the worst software lineup of all the 3 consoles out right now, both graphically and genre types. Mario didn't sell the wi, the price tag did, but I still didn't buy one and am greatful. I do however own the other 2 next gen machines.

Axelay4185d ago

Thanks for the middle and lower class people mister elitist.
Why you fail to see (probably don't want to see), it's that game don't have to be like Gear of war, halo, Zelda, Ico, or others big games to be fun.
We are a bunch of eletist who are gaming for so long that we forget that in ancient time we add fun with games like Popeye, Tetris, Pacman or Alex Kidd and others simple games.
What you call "worse games" are fun for others people. So you should respect the choice of others people.
There is no such thing as good or bad games, everything is a matter of taste.

forum_crawler4185d ago

I own a wii, and I am pretty happy with the games lineup. I can't play Zelda on an XBox, or a PSX so there, so what is weak is in the eye of the beholder...

I also own a Blu-Ray player (read: more expensive than a PS3) and I don't regret not getting the PS3 instead. The actual player looks better, and actually fits better with the rest of my home theatre...

As for the best graphics (or next gen...), well, you can only find them on the PC, and that is why I will never have the need to get a Sony or MS machine, because my PC will play the same games, but with better graphics, and more user friendly interface (read: mouse and keyboard).

Now, when it comes to games that are lots of fun and don't need all the eye candy (ie. Mario, Zelda, GH3, etc) the wii is perfect. So please don't assume that the only reason people buy a wii is because they can't afford one of the other consoles. I mean, my video card alone is worth more than a PS3 and XBox put together, yet I chose the wii...

Moral is:
People have choice, and 20+ Million people have chosen Nintendo (and still counting). Don't call us (wii owners) cheap, uninformed, soon-to-be-disappointed, or lied-to-by-Nintendo because we didn't make the same choice as you. This is a free country and we can all make the choices we want, whether you like it or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.