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GAF writes: It's been quite a long time in coming, but the Xbox brand has its very own challenger to the famed Final Fantasy franchise, and it's a debut of epic proportions. What you'll get with Lost Odyssey is a Japanese-style RPG with high production values, a good story, and a cast of memorable, dynamic characters. What the game does not do is break new ground in the genre; while a game like Mass Effect gets lauded for reinventing what and how an RPG is and plays, Lost Odyssey's accolades are for its superbly polished and integrated gameplay mechanics that don't deviate from the way they originated 20 years ago. In other words, what Lost Odyssey does, it does extremely well.

Lost Odyssey proves that both Uematsu and Sakaguchi are still on top of their game. The dungeon design is clever without being too tedious, the story is actually somewhat original, and the writing in the Thousand Years of Dreams is superb. While the game is linear up until the very end (where it then opens up to plenty of sidequests and other fun activities) and the world never really seems to take on a life of its own, the character variety and interaction more than make up for it. It may be as close to a Square Enix epic as Xbox owners will get, but in some regards it outclasses them, and that's something that should not be missed.

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KidMakeshift4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Why are people praising this?

I just beat it yesterday and it left no lasting impression
I felt that they used the whole "oldschool formula" excuse to dodge the fact that it's graphically inconsistent and mechanically rusted.

I'd give it a 7.5 at best

What I'm getting at is, if we really want to see innovation and radical improvement in the game industry then we have to be harsher in our criticisms. Praising this game so highly only strokes the developers ego, and they will persistently release the same crap over and over again. I know oldschool RPG's still appeal to alot of people (hell I play them), but everything surrounding that formula (in this day and age) better be immaculate, which Lost Odyssey doesn't even try to achieve.

sorry, don't hate... don't hate on me

Genuine4190d ago

Turn based rpg's like FF and Lost Odyssey are boring imo. No amount of graphics or cgi cutscenes can change the fact that they are linear slogfests that you end up watching more than actually playing. I would take games like Oblivion, Zelda, Fable, Kotor or Mass Effect over the worn out jrpg genre anyday.

KidMakeshift4190d ago

I'm not big on Bioware games (I'm sure enough people have heard me b!tch about Mass Effect)

I think Oblivion presented a new great direction for RPG's, but the quest structuring wasn't very deep and alot of times didn't feel very different from the last (it's a huge game so it's excusable). Oblivion is one of the few games (maybe the only) I've invested over a 100 hrs in

Genuine4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Mass Effect has some annoying bugs, that will hopefully be ironed out by the next sequal. But the depth of the gameplay and story are hard to dismiss. I'm on my fourth playthrough (going for the Extreme Power Gamer achievement), and I just now feel like I have seen everything in the game. Also, the Insanity difficulty makes the gameplay alot more cerebral.

The depth and scale of Oblivion almost makes me weep with joy. It had it's bugs too though. I couldn't even finish the assassins guild because one of the marks was already dead when I got the mission to kill him. Oblivion is not a game you just restart, you know.

KidMakeshift4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

4th playthrough!

I'm really disappointed with side missions on the various planets. It felt like the same thing over and over. I also wish the conversation system was more dynamic. It was exactly like KOTOR to me. Overall, I wasn't really happy with the game, but I'm really looking forward to the sequel. Hopefully they take all the criticisms to heart.

I love Jade Empire though (forgot it was Bioware). I really hope to see a sequel

Genuine4190d ago

Yeah Jade Empire was another good one. I thought they did a great job of giving it a Black Belt Theatre (old karate shows) kind of feel. Plus Jade Empire is about the smoothest running Bioware game that I have played. lol

titntin4190d ago

Absolutely agree with you. I'm only on disc 3, but I have to say I'm finding the dungeon design, and the complete linearity pretty tedious.
Art design and implimentation is excellent, as are the dream sequance writtings, but theres no way this compares with the best - I absolutley love JRPG's and there is no way this compares with the best of them in anything at all except graphics.

Silver3604190d ago

Other than those three games that you named it is the equivalent of any other JRPG. It may not be a classic for all time, but it is better than most of the crap we have been stuck with since ff7. Lost odyssey may have its issues with save points and some dungeon designs, but the game is fun. I like the fact that a random encounter can kill you. as for you maybe you have out grown the genre. Consider, what else can they do to a JRPG to make it better for you? If you have ideas send mistwalker an email to improve the game for all of us.

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Le-mo4190d ago

I agree with you, but be prepare to get flame.

KidMakeshift4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Yes, I can see them coming with their pitchforks and torches

Save yourself, screw the children

sonyfanonly4190d ago

to compare this to a final fantasy is just stupid i wouldnt trade any final fantasy game over this

KidMakeshift4190d ago

FF6 is what got me into games. FF6, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana are the 3 greatest turn based RPG's I've ever played. I don't think anything will ever top those

RecSpec4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

That's the problem, all the games you mentioned are from the Golden Age of RPG's. Now most RPG's aim for the success that FF7 and up have had. Style over substance.

The only exception I see to this is the Dragon Quest series, at least that series sticks to it's principles.

ps360s4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

mmm its abit high the scores...It's good but didn't think it deserved a 9/10

maybe 8/10. :D

>Genuine< I respect your don't like JRPG's but to say its boring is just not the way...and graphics ect won't do it justice is all wrong because it does! I myself prefer JRPG'S over rpg's like oblivion,mass effect ect anyday and thats me and JRPG's not worn out at all or else FF13 will not be in most people wanted list at all :D

Genuine4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Well good for you. But your taste in rpg's has nothing to do with what I prefer. Pushing one button then watching an elaborate attack script is not what I define as good gameplay. I just can't stay awake long enough to repeat that process for 30-40 hours.

RecSpec4190d ago

To be fair. How much would people be excited for FF13 without Final Fantasy in the title? It's not a question with a definite answer, but something to think about.

v1c1ous4190d ago

>>Pushing one button then watching an elaborate attack script is not what I define as good gameplay.

for some people it is, for others, the story/characters make up for worthless gameplay.

i thought ff12 had a wonderful fighting mechanic, but the story sucked hardcore. there's two sides to every story.

v1c1ous4190d ago

it has framerate issues sometimes, the story is kinda iffy, and its kinda short.


it is a good turn based jrpg. the 1000 dreams stories are top-notch (they did pay a proffesional writer a lot of money for them), and its the best jrpg on 360 so far.

the game did NOT make any new innovations, but for what it's worth, it is a good game. this was mistwalker's, IMO, first contender to the FF series. it's not as good as the flagship FF titles, but its a nice alternative.

don't go into this thinking it's going to topple FF, but for what it's worth, it's a good rpg for those of us who were missing a flagship next-gen title for the rpg genre.

it's like saying hello to an old friend.

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