Gamesradar: Lost: Via Domus Preview

So it begins with a huge close up of an eye. The camera pulls back to reveal a man on a beach, surrounded by wreckage… of the Lost videogame, the result of a terrifying midair explosion of bad coding, poorly implemented ideas and frustrating minigames. And the ending, oh God, the ending… How did he end up here? Time for a convenient flashback perhaps.

Polar bears. Hatches. Giant electromagnets. If none of these things mean anything to you, then chances are you haven't been watching Lost, the infuriatingly vague castaway show from celebrated producer and director JJ Abrams. For this videogame adaptation, developers Ubisoft Montreal have worked closely with scriptwriters from the show to ensure its authenticity. Unfortunately, it's immediately apparent from the game's opening sequences - in which you discover that your character is an amnesiac unable to escape from his shadowy past - that this particular collaboration hasn't exactly resulted in a radical departure from cliched videogame storytelling.

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