Staples Rips Senior Citizen; Charges $390 For Basic Computer Repair

Reader Michael watched incredulously as a Staples tech tried to convince a senior citizen that his computer wouldn't work properly without repairs costing almost $400.The senior, who had been lulled into Staples for a free tune up that suddenly cost $39.99, didn't understand why he needed to spend money on a "diagnostic screening ($49.99), virus removal services ($150), and more RAM (~$150)." Michael intervened and offered to look at the computer free of charge. He couldn't believe what he found when he popped open the computer.

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decapitator4192d ago

Very Shameful on Staples part. I thought senior citizen's get some sort of discounts for these petty things. And to be charging him for $390 is way too much.

jacobdevos4192d ago

you guys seem surprised but
it's $189 minimum at best buy now
for any 'repair'
check it out, these are canadian prices i am quoting

Silvia0074192d ago

It's getting ugly out there.

EZCheez4192d ago

This is why I feel compelled to help out anyone in the immediate family as far as electronics are concerned.

Case in point:

My sister-in-law wanted to have wireless internet. Her ISP had a "package" which involved setup, installation, and "start-up" for only $39.99. It also had a monthly service charge of $10.00 a month. Did I mention she was already paying for cable internet access?

I bought her a wireless router for $60 and showed her how simple wireless access was. This is Time Warner Communications by the way. In fact, the repair man showed up to install the "upgrade" the day I arrived. We talked, and he openly admitted all that was needed was a wireless router. Time Warner just adds monthly charges for renting a router and support fees. He left without doing anything.

Businesses will do anything for the almighty dollar. I feel it's our responsibility as people in the know to not only help those that don't, but to spread the word about how crooked some of these "deals" are.

Skerj4191d ago

I do the same thing man and I don't even take payment because most of the time it takes like 30 mins to do tops. I just fixed someone's PC today for them with an Unmountable Boot Volume.

hfaze4191d ago

You are so right on that... And the worst part is that these companies are charging an arm and a leg for that simple work, yet paying the poor sap doing the work a mere fraction of what the customer was charged... Which can be a sure-fire recipe for shoddy workmanship, as shown in this article...

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The story is too old to be commented.