Now GameStop has new PlayStation 3 model coming: The white PS3?

A few days ago, it was reported that Circuit City will no longer be receiving the 40 GB PlayStation 3 unit bundled with Spider-Man 3. The report goes on to say that they will also be receiving a new console with a different model number.

Kaizer_911, an EBGames/GameStop manager, informs QJ that they will also no longer be receiving the PS3 and Spider-Man 3 bundle. Instead, they will receive new 40 GB models that may or may not have a new model number.

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Relcom4005d ago

is a white dualshock3 like mine. So everyone else can experience Uncharted in its full glory

LightningPS34005d ago

I like Uncharted a lot. I'm almost half way beating it on Crushing. That gameplay just doesn't seem to get old for me.

ruibing4005d ago

I hope I can get one (non-import) through Amazon soon.

Milky4005d ago

Uncharted is my favourite game especially with the nudges of DS3.

eagle214005d ago

You know it's coming ya'll. We are trained: "we don't comment on rumors or speculation" = yes, it's coming

eagle214005d ago

I think it's coming this month. What do you guys think?

MailMan4005d ago

Xbots are PRAYING this is merely a RUMOR,as an introduction of another SPECTACULAR Playstation 3 SKU can only mean LESS sales for the FAULTY White BRICK.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

ambientFLIER4005d ago

So, what is the big deal about a new color ? Couldn't you just paint yours?

Lifendz4005d ago

Just a console with a controller. Or maybe a Superbad pack?

Lifendz4005d ago

nor would I pay someone else to paint it. Sorry but that warranty means the world to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.