EGM has a 13 page preview of GTA IV.

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power of Green 4006d ago

Must be badass 13 pages wow!. Most folks only had two hours with the game? they must be going to talk about every minute of it. I can't log on the site, either my PC isn't allowing me to link up or the link is broken.

tethered4006d ago

Must be a lot of traffic on the site.
It won't work for me.

POG, did you get it to open?

Stubacca4006d ago

Is it just the magazine pages? That sucks.

NO_PUDding4006d ago

Not too much I (most of us) haven't already seen, I am reading now. Good find.

NO_PUDding4006d ago

Too late to edit, sorry

But I read what they said about the games growing up, and that is TOTALLY what it's about. I agreed with the moving on of the art direction. I played since the original GTA, and GTA 2 was my absolute favourite. And GTA2 was excellent, until the hype came about wiht III.

But indeed, GTA has been a part of my underage gaming development, and it was tiem for a chnage, Rockstar aren't stupid, and know that the future is about change and not stickign to the same formula, for a successive generation, and they are bringing back the relationship element of GTA2. I can't wait to see it all working out.

And to the person below who says it's overrated, well, San Andreas and Vice City (even thoguh VC isn't rated that high) are overrated. San Andreas was undeniably great from a gameplay point of view, and anyone who plays it enjoys it, if they like games. But never claim GTAIII is overrated, if you ahven't played it, and you clearly haven't if you think it's overrated. GTA2 had technical limits, but was also perfect. I just think the series cannot be rated higher... and it's been a truly life chnaging series. It actually created a rebirth of 80's fashion (in terms of music and clothes) and also for the 90's with San Andreas.

Much less overrated, and more revolutionary, if you like it or not.

Brian52474006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

terribly overrated.

iceice1234006d ago

But I wouldn't go as far to say it isn't good. It is worth the 60$ to kill time at least.

Slayer OP4006d ago

No I think your just an ignoramus.

EZCheez4006d ago

Take it from one of the few that played GTA long BEFORE GTA3. It's a great franchise, and each new edition is worth the money.

tethered4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I disagree.

Its not overrated because it has done more to help the gaming world than any other game out there.

There are more people playing games now because of one particular game . That is how I see GTA. It brought so many people into gaming because of the adult content.

Gaming for adults was really limited until GTA3 came out.

Thats not overrated at all.

mikeslemonade4006d ago

GTA4 is overated. From what we hear and see it isn't doing anything drastically new. I'm still on the fence I whether I should pay $60 for GTA4 or MGS4. I don't want to buy both. It's games like Eight Days and Little Big Planet that are truly current gen. Resident Evil 5 and GTA4 aren't doing anything really new.

IrishAssa4006d ago

Gta 2 was brillant ... Mafias , gang wars , gettin the army after you was always a good laugh

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Premonition4006d ago

Just looking at some of the pics, shows you how big the enviroment is and the draw distance looks great, hopefully it goes back to the roots of GTA3, that to me was the only GTA that had the most random crimes and carjackings ever.

HeartlesskizZ4006d ago

Those who bashed the GTA series being over rated are always in GTA's News...WONDER WHY???

gEnKiE4006d ago

Ya, how ironic......

iceice1234006d ago

I can't think a game is overrated and still play it?

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