EGM Gets Scoop on SOCOM
With the popular SOCOM franchise set to make its debut on the PlayStation 3 this year via SOCOM Confrontation, fans are psyched, and we are too. The latest issue of EGM has just arrived in mailboxes across the nation, but we're already looking ahead to our next ish, which will feature an exclusive hands-on look at Confrontation's full 32-player online battles. Hopefully that's enough to get you hungry, but in the mean time we've rounded up a couple brand new screenshots to really whet your appetite.

Check out the upcoming May issue of EGM for all the info and many more pics.

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Lord Anubis4008d ago

I hope they release it soon.

sonarus4008d ago

those screens look terrible. Not that socom looks terrible as i have seen the videos of it in motion but damn those screens just look terrible

blacsheep4008d ago

is going to leave me broke

ps3 has gone from no games to too many games im going to have to budget

and i know alot of gamers are in the same boat considering the price of games these days,

damn you sony

ATLRoAcH4008d ago look pretty compressed.I can tell they would look good at full scale though.

sonarus4008d ago

for me socom and GT5 are straight hard drive downloads and thats that. Then the rest of the games i will be juggling rentals with but there are some titles that deserve ownership. I will start judging games i own strongly on the basis of rating. Thats why i am not so siked for GTA4 cus i know once those major game hits i will sell it

omoshiroi4008d ago

Terrible? I was thinking the exact opposite. I was thinking how the graphics look way better than BF2, and Cod4. I'm very impressed. The only thing that sucks IMO is 3rd person but hey.

Odion4008d ago

your on crack if you think THAT looks better then COD4, and I'd be worried if it didn't look better then BF2 that games only 4 years old

Panthers4008d ago

Here is the deal. Socom is not going to look like CoD4. Socom is all about the gameplay. NO GAME matches it. Even after 5 years since I first played Socom 2, I have not played an online game that came close to matching it in terms of gameplay. I hope they release this in the next few months.

sonarus4008d ago

compare those screens to these
I mean sorry if you are mad that the 1up screens look terrible its probably compression but they don't do this game justice at all.

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Clinton5144008d ago

put up some higher resolution screens. It's hard to see how good it looks. lol

timmyp534008d ago

but Socom 4 will look great.

Panthers4008d ago

Socom 4 is being made by Zipper though. No thanks. They are taking it in a completely different direction they said. They ruined the series with Socom 3. I will probably stick to this game since the DL content should make it last a long while.

CaliGamer4008d ago

I have been itching to get my Socom fix on the PS3, this game alone should entice a sizable chunk of the PS2 user base to invest in a PS3 as this game was always one of the PS3's premier series.

This should be great, though these pics are not.

Time_Is_On_My_Side4008d ago

lol, the pictures man are they bad but I know the final game should look amazing. There will most likely be my new Warhawk but a third person shooter military Warhawk.

sonarus4008d ago

agreed this game will take a sizable chunk of warhawks base. COD4 already took most of them but this one will take even more. I hope this game comes out before june. Havent bought any games this yr. No need to congest yourself in a zone where there are too many games.

Panthers4008d ago

This game should not effect warharwk too much. The 2 games are too different. Everyone who was a Socom player probably moved to Cod 4 because that game is more on Soocms level.

Still, this game will take away from every tactical shooter on the PS3 and maybe even some 360 users who used to be Socrack addicts. There are thousands who have been waiting for this game to release before they buy a PS3.

QUNE4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

"360 users who used to be Socrack addicts. There are thousands who have been waiting for this game to release before they buy a PS3"

Since it has taken this long, I'm hoping they release it at the end of the summer now.

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ChanDangle4008d ago

I hope we'll get this sometime late summer to fall or just this year.

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