Game Revolution: The Club Review

Game Revolution writes: The Club's premise is simple. You're one of eight men (no women allowed) who has chosen to take part in a deadly shoot-out tournament. There are a series of different events for each tournament that test in turn your speed, your shooting accuracy, and your survival skills. It's an unusual approach best described as a mash-up of Tekken's tournament structure, Burnout's frenetic racing modes, and Time Crisis's arcade shooter gameplay.

But where this game stands out from the third-person shooter crowd isn't in its tournament structure; it's all about the gameplay. The core mechanic throughout all of the events is an innovative score multiplier, which increases for each enemy that you shoot. The catch is that your multiplier drains over time, so you have to kill another enemy quickly to keep your multiplier alive. It's a great concept that makes you kill quickly and run through the courses at a break-neck speed. It's the run-and-gun game to end all run-and-gun games.

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