PS3 PSN Dark Mist Expansion

Dark Mist - A PSN game that still has not seen a EU or NA release is receiving an expansion that will add 3 new characters and a 4 player mode.The Title of the expansion is "The Depths of Darkness"

The game is developed by Game Republic - developers of Genji 2, Folklore, and Toy Home

price: 500 yen ~ 5$
Size: 148 megs

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ngg123454191d ago

Seeing, how Japan got this 5 months earlier, can this be put in the 10 $ pack game? Sold if it is.

JoelR4191d ago

I admit I would love to see it released as one in NA and EU as well
I would be a first day buyer!

Skerj4191d ago

Man we need this, 4 player online? They just sweetened the deal.

DFresh4191d ago

This game looks so cool.
When will it come out in America and will we get an expansion pack too like Japan?

JoelR4186d ago

am hoping that they release the game and expansion pack as a deal here.

still no info about a possible release date.

ISA_Scum4191d ago

*sigh* this was my most anticipated PSN game when it was released in Japan so long ago....I want it in America!!!

Pain4191d ago

Been keeping a eyeball on this one for awhile.

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