Army Of Two Gets Attacked

A McGill University professor has slammed the video game industry for producing violent games.

Hoechsmann was responding to a reporter's question about Army of Two, a third-person military shooter set for release in March. The game casts players in the role of mercenaries, or private military contractors (PMCs) as they are referred to by the U.S. Defense Department:

"There is a tremendous lack of imagination on the part of the games industry. I think it's barbaric. I don't understand why there can't be a greater diversity of titles."

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JoelR4189d ago

The prof does make a point... About the lack of imagination.

Games like Army of Two don't really bring anything new to any genre and don't really change how we think about games.
Games to really stand out now need to bring something new, something exciting beyond just FPS/TPS and online play.

He is also right that it is easier to localize a violent game to worldmarkets rather then humor or other types of games.
Humor has never translated well - some companies do a good localization job on things like this (it takes a talented localizer with a great sense of humor in two cultures) and others just suck.
Political commentary in games is even harder to localize - completely different government systems and different viewpoints of the same situation are hard to show and if your viewpoint is opposed then the commentary is completely wasted.

Harry1904189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

there is diversity.and no one forces you to pick
a copy of a violent game.they only sell better and come into the public eye because of their relatively controversial content.but hey,that doesn't stop hollywood from producing action flicks with a guy who's a one man army or big monsters destroying cities in minutes.
game developers/producers respond to demand,and the current trends only reflect what this current society we're living in looks for.we could also talk of stereotypical views held on videogames.if you think this industry is still deeply rooted in flying planes and fighting glorbmaster3000 to save a princess,you're quite wrong.go out,get the game,play it,then develop a hypothesis,he's a professor,he should know better.if you don't like it,there;'s also wii play or patapon out's up to the people to choose.

Tempist4189d ago

Well not so much on the subject, but it being classed as Canadian Content. And you know what, I'm willing to bet it will do much to talk about PMCs and what they do.

Something that never came out of COD4 was the discussion of the ethics behind making a game based on an event that's quite tragic and having a real life impact on many people. But personally, I feel that COD4 was a move to make money off a terrible reality without confronting the issues that surround that reality.

ISA_Scum4189d ago

I'm buying Army of Two. Just for that Professor!

Massive-Delusion4189d ago

You know what's hypocritical? People slamming video games for being too "violent", but when a movie or TV programme is shown that has the same level of content, no-one says or does anything. They're all hypocrites...

ISA_Scum4189d ago

This is the classic arguement that will never be taken seriously because of WHO is spreading the anti-gaming word. Take for example, FOX, who produces very violent movies and TV shows like 24 and Prison Break. Yet FOX news slams Videogames like Mass Effect and takes Jake Thompson's side when it comes to bringing down the industry. Hypocrites? Of course! But will they ever show both sides of the story? No. It's just the unfortunate reality we all have to live with.

Rageanitus4188d ago

Is because you actually interact in a game.... I guess like a similation. While in a movie you just watch the violence.

Watch+Acting is not the same as just watching.

4189d ago
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