PS Eye Motion Sensing Is Not Coming Soon

Sony's PS Eye-based motion-tracking system that uses head movements as game controls, and which was recently shown at GDC, was merely a tech demo. This means it is unlikely to be coming to a shop near you soon.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4188d ago

we will get everything they`ve been talking about.

that`s soon enough for me.

i`m in NO rush, there`s LOTS of stuff for me in between now and then.

just get it done right, SONY.

MikeMichaels4188d ago

This tech was in an EyeToy game on the original PS2 called Anitgrav.

Here's one of the many youtube vids.

Not so far fetched now is it?

Douche4188d ago

Any of you guys remember that patent Sony made awhile back? It showed a guy standing on some sort of mat with a "camera" propped infront of him, and it was all being connected to a box with the label PS4 on it. Well, how about it? Could this be a demonstration of what Sony has in store for the next next-generation? This would be a great step forward for video gaming. Further drawing in the gamer by immersing himself and his actions into games. But how exactly could this work? Would we still be using controllers? How would co-op work? All I know is that if you are attempting to draw a gamer and his body movements "into" a game, the graphics and realism of these virtual worlds are gonna [have to] be incredible. That would be the purpose of trying this. Whew, I can't wait.

cellypower4188d ago

Yea the camera might come standard on the ps4.

whoelse4188d ago

They will probably test the technology on a PSN game maybe first and if people like it, use it in full retail games.

poopsack4188d ago

Call of Duty 6: Modern Funfair and Resistance 3: Fallen Woman confirmed in this article!

avacadosnorkel4188d ago

I am so glad to see they aren't going to use that head tracking stuff. I don't want to be stuck in front of a camera - reminds me of jail

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The story is too old to be commented.