Apple, Dell planning new Blu-ray notebooks?

Both Apple and Dell are planning to make significant inroads into Blu-ray over the coming months, according to both official and unofficial sources. Citing an unconfirmed source, AppleInsider claims that Apple has tapped Sony for slot-loading Blu-ray writers for its MacBook Pro systems.

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whoelse4005d ago

Yay! As long as it doesn't drive up the price too much, i might leave Microsoft in favour for Apple!

Tempist4005d ago

Apple will certainly not go for it in the end. They're banking too much on Digital Downloads. The move of them going to next-gen optical would make them look stupid, more so after their touting of MacbookAir and AppleTV.

supremacy4005d ago

but lets take some things into account here, if apple and Disney are both part of the blu ray camp which they are, why wouldn't apple build their new note books with a built in blu ray drive? besides if people start demanding it than Steve jobs will have no choice but to comply thats all. sure he doesn't seem to care too much about the format, but i bet he is open to options if they are available at his disposal.

and please do add to the fact that apple is known for making their products with the latest built in technology.

but yeah they are having some what of a success with their service, but i do see them adopting blu ray sooner or later once the drives become extremely cheap and costs are at an all time minimum.

and in 09 i see most if not 89% percent of the pc adopt this format as they become cheaper by the dozen, and than people are going to be saying why doesn't apple have a blu ray drive in their laptops? and then what Steve jobs gets a call from the board of directors and have to adjust his business model to whats out there is that simple.

it just happens whether it be a burner, or a movie drive it will surely happen bank on it.

DFresh4005d ago

I've looking forward to seeing a Blu-ray Mac Book Air and w/ a 17 inch screen.
Maybe even get some PS3 action going on w/ the SIX AXIS on my computer or lap top.

travelguy2k4005d ago

once you can start downloading HD media, you will need allot of HDD space or, somwhere to store it, Blue Ray has your back.