CVG Preview: Race Driver: GRID

CVG writes:

" The last time you saw a Race Driver game, it had a 'TOCA' bit in front of it and a massive '3' opposite the last 'r'. It was huge, verging on morbidly obese, and we were its feeders, revelling in its fatness, squeezing its pudgy spare tyres. It was so big, it needed the fire brigade to cut it out of the PS2 when it needed to go for a wee.

But Codemasters was plainly disgusted at our filthy cravings and decided to call a stop to it all. "STOP!", the Codies called, snatching its bulbous game from our fingers and whisking it away to the safety of its Warwickshire HQ, and we never saw it again.

The days crawled by and eventually we stopped crying ourselves to sleep. Then out of the blue, we spotted it again. Where once we played a TOCA game which covered pretty much every kind of racing discipline, we now have a svelte and well-buff racer, and it's left its past behind. "Hey TOCA! How are you?" we said - but it totally blanked us. It only answers to Race Driver: GRID now.

It hasn't gone all supermodel-thin or anything by any means, but PS3's supermassive nuclear core is being tapped to angle for more realistic racing over sheer size, so that means the Scottish mechanic has carked it and with him the Story mode. Here are some clichés to help you picture what we mean. GRID has gone back to its roots. GRID is all about the racing. In GRID, you are the story. "

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Antan4004d ago

Looks VERY impressive. Nice to see the PS3 screens show a real rich colour palette. Hopefully the gfx fidelity doesn't come at the cost of the framerate. I worked on the DS version which also looks very impressive as far as DS racers go.

power of Green 4004d ago

Actually alot of those screens are the 360 version and used for this post. trust me. The bottom ones were shown along time ago on this site as being the 360 pics.

Antan4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Didn`t know you had seen both the 360 and PS3 firsthand POG like i have? Did you view or read the article? As you can see POG a lot of the replay screens show PS button configurations. I didn`t know the 360 version uses the same config (square,triangle,circle etc etc)? The "hands on" preview is also from PSW magazine (playstation only), so not sure why you would come up with that conclusion to be honest. To everyone else please enjoy the clear as mud PS3 shots and please look forward to this great racer, especially the DS version ;)

power of Green 4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Look at the 11th pic in this link, the 8th and 11th pic are also the 360 versions pics I can't find that post that showed both version's seperatly where many fought about it this will do!, I simply reconized some of the pics in this PS3 post. Obviouly looking at the pics you'd see the buttons lol, nice reply not!.. The PS3 version had less vibrant color range I can spot the difference from a mile away The PS3 has a powerdered look or limited color range vs the deep rich colors of the 360 version.

No ones owned I read the post and I seen a fews pics that looked like the 360 version lol.

Antan4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

"nice reply not!"

Here`s me thinking you were somewhat mature!

Look me up POG when you get a job in the industry, and get to work on, play, see and hear about things months and months in advance, though not sure if there are any tea boy jobs available to be honest, but ill keep my ears open for you. POG, always good for a chuckle!

techie4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Mr POG, are you still trying to say PS3 games aren't colourful? Have you played Uncharted, or GT5p...bright, rich and colourful to the max.

Plus you're talking Antan who's seen this game in the flesh, you are beyond embarrassing yourself.

ps. said "clear as mud PS3 shots"...which is a way of saying they're not very clear...not sure if that was your intention >_<

heyheyhey4004d ago

i have long came to the conclusion that POG is a very sad person

he will reguarly come into an article and pointlessly state "the 360 version has shaper textures, more colour etc etc"

as to why he feels the obligation to do this- i really don't know

i guess he liked playing "spot the difference" as a kid

articles keep telling him facts- but he still keeps singing his age-old tune

and it's funny as hell when he starts complaining about "Sony trolls" attacking him all the time

and the hypocrisy is gold- he once said that it's bad to say your toy is better than someone elses, yet an hour later he was doing just that

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Antan4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

To quote you from the Resi Evil 5 thread-:

"You've seen gameplay of either game?

Either game in this instance is of course version. Come back to me when you have, then we`ll "chat". You may not like what you will see so you might need your flame suit. Now please don`t reply to my comments again, i don`t appreciate having to reply to "malice driven" rabid fanboys like yourself.

Antan4004d ago

Oops, forgot to mention-:

"There was a post months ago showing pics from both version and often times sites mix the best of both up and the 360 ones were more colorful I got attacked for mentioning it."

Can`t recall this particular article or story? "Trolling" through the previous Grid articles didn`t reveal any comments by you or you being attacked by anyone else. But hey, if you say so.....must be true!