Sony PlayStation event: what to expect

Sony is expected to announce the new PlayStation at a New York event tonight but don't expect to hear every detail, writes Shane Richmond.

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shivvy243750d ago

i expect Jesus to rise from the PS4 and have some preacher next to him

DivineAssault 3750d ago

dont bring christs name into these discussions.. Its just not right imo.. But i share your enthusiasm & i believe sony is going to ROCK THE HOUSE tomorrow (technically TODAY!!!)

TheLyonKing3750d ago

Streaming on major websites starts at 11pm UK time if anyone needed to know.

WeAreLegion3750d ago

Very kind of you. Bubbles, sir.

WeAreLegion3750d ago

I'm expecting PlayStation Cloud to be the PS equivalent of Facebook, to be honest...with FB integration.

Bathyj3750d ago

in 15 hours i expect my mind to be blown

wwm0nkey3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Just a heads up, the lead gameplay designer of Battlefield confirmed the new system would be shown tonight.

Also BF4 has a pretty (very) good chance of showing up tonight as well.

Pillsbury13750d ago

Next gen bf4! My body is ready!

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