Warhawk Gets Monster Bubble Shields

Kotaku writes: "Warhawk's upcoming booster pack, Operation Broken Mirror, will feature an armored personnel carrier which can serve as a mobile spawning point and weapon producer and also create the "mother of all bubble shields," the game's producer, Dylan Jobe told me in a recent interview."

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Rattles4194d ago

so bloody true, pissed me off with motorstorm.

sonarus4194d ago

i hope it isnt 10 bucks again. If it is i know i will still pay but common.

gta_cb4193d ago

are you sure its free? amazing if so as i did purchase the Omega pack for £4.99 ($9.99) .... maybe they should offer it free to those who bought the Omega pack =D

Clinton5144194d ago

Incognito is really giving this game some long legs!

DJ4194d ago

Bubble shields were about the only thing I liked about Halo 3, besides the gravity hammer. Though in all fairness, these are health generators/reducers, not protection against weapons fire.

Blademask4194d ago

they were great in starwars ep1

Doctor Strange4194d ago

Don't forget Resistance had the backlash grenade which is like a bubble shied except it return shots to their senders. A lovely grenade.

DJ4194d ago

Darn my old memory. =P

Lord Anubis4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

if anything is more like the Resistance shield. You can shoot while in it.And it came out before halo3.

LinuxGuru4193d ago

The APC bubble shields will prevent enemies from firing inside, but you can fire out from the inside.

Did you read the article, or what?

It's the personal bubble shields that are the health gainers / drainers, not the apc bubble shields.

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Nykamari4194d ago

Sounds like a newgame. WarHawk RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor Strange4194d ago

Incognito support for Warhawk has been astounding. Hope it releases by the end of March.

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The story is too old to be commented.