Ripten Wii Review: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Ripten writes: If Sonic fans are waiting for the hedgehog's next great game (or even the first good racing game) then there's bad news ahead: all Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity manages to do is scratch his legacy once more.

The game begins with Eggman trying to act out his evil plot in a story which is actually weaker and more contrived then the usual standard for one of Sonic's games – even when compared to the spin-offs – and has a duration that will see you complete the game in a few hours.

A Sonic the Hedgehog racing game should be fast, and, at times, this game reaches levels of speed appropriate for a game bearing the blue mascot's name. When using the Wii-mote, however, it's hard to properly control your character even at a snail's pace – imprecise to the point your poor avatar gets a beating as he's slammed into each side of the track in turn. To salvage anything, you're going to have to dig out a Gamecube controller.

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