Top Five of the Worst Sequels in the History of Video Games

Brandon Thompson writes: "While there are a lot of bad sequels out there, we've decided to single out the top five we think are the worst. Just like every list, not everyone will be happy with our choices. 2K Sports fans will no doubt wonder why the list isn't compiled completely of EA Sports' Madden releases which rarely improve. Fans of series we've chosen will certainly get mad like they always do. However we're sure that many gamers will agree that the list that follows is pretty accurate."

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callahan093702d ago

I have yet to see a single article from GoFanboy that wasn't complete trash. KOTOR 2? SMB 2? Chrono Cross? MGS 2? I loved all of those games. How do you put a game that never even got made as the number 1 game on the list? A non-existent game isn't exactly a BAD game, now is it?

Sonic titles since Dreamcast, OK, I'll give you that, they were a definite let-down.

All of the other 5 honorable mentions (Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Dr3ver, NHL Blades of Steel 2000, Turok: Evolution, Bomberman: Act Zero) SHOULD have made up the actual top 5, because those were some schlock, crap, awful sequels.

vgn243702d ago

Nice to see such an open-minded gamer. lol. As I see it, Chrono Cross was good, but nowhere near as good as Chrono Trigger on SNES. That B was CLASSIC!

I liked Pitfall the Mayan Adventures. I liked side-scrolling 16-bit titles though. Dr3ver SUCKED!

BeaArthur3702d ago

callahan09...haha, I was thinking the same thing. Just like Old-Wizard, everything from this site lacks substance.

Panthers3702d ago

Driv3r was terrible. I bought it, played it, then gave it away as a gift thinking of how the person was going to hate me after he played it.

ShinMaster3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Chrono Cross was amazing!!!
It wasn't titled "Chrono Trigger II or 2" or anything like that, so why so disappointed?
It was a different story and it was great.

MGS2 needed to happen for the story.

Rocket Sauce3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Driver 3 should have sucked, but somehow all the glitches made it ten times more fun. Plus, film director mode was incredibly cool with all the ridiculous things you can do in this game.

Darkstorn3702d ago

KOTOR II wasn't that bad, in fact I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It just does not match the quality of KOTOR 1.

ico923702d ago

SMB2 doesnt count because it wasnt actually SMB2 its a redesign of Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic
and adressing the hounorable mention of MGS2, try playing that game overlooking your hate for Raiden and what you get is a pretty amazing game with a bizzare but unique and compelling story, incredible level design, and addictive gameplay, people always label it as one of the most overrated games of all time, the hate for this game has been burning for almost ten years its actually and underrated game IMHO, i mean seriously when will people get over it?

bruddahmanmatt3702d ago

What a trash list. MGS2 as honorable mention? WTF? As someone has already mentioned, look past Raiden and you have a pretty amazing game. I still think that MGS2 is better than MGS4 as the story to GotP was way too convoluted. It tried to tie up every loose end within the span of a single game when in fact the various conclusions comprised enough material to span a 4 and a 5. As far as Super Mario Bros. 2, come on. Everyone loves the wackiness of SMB2 and again as someone pointed out, it was a reskinned YK:DDP. And listing Duke Nukem: Forever is a cop out. You want a list of trash sequels?

Devil May Cry 2
Far Cry 2 (ok game, NOT a sequel in any way sans the name to the original)
Grand Theft Auto IV
Mortal Kombat 4
Need For Speed: Pro Street
Turok: Evolution and Turok (reboot)
Twisted Metal 3 and 4

every Spyro game after the original Insomniac trilogy, and do I even need to mention MW2?

Shepherd 2143702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Kotor 2 was actually one of the best games i have ever played. It had many glitches, but its companion alignment system and added features made it an extremely satisfying experience. The story was also very good, as it made you feel like you really were the last of the Jedi and you could do something about it, bad or good.

It may have been rushed a bit with many glitches, but it is forgiven in my eyes. Its just too good.

glennc3701d ago

driver 2 sucked so i disagree driver 3 was the worst.

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evildeli3702d ago

Metal Gear Solid 2, huh? Guess it sucked enough to make MGS3,4, Portable OPS, MGS Ac!d, Peacewalker, itouch. I would have really added Spy Hunter 2 to the real list. Boy did that game suck.

ThatArtGuy3702d ago

is one of the worst sequels in all of gaming history. Such a let down and such a horrible, horrible "game".

George Sears3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

DMC2 sucked. Even Dante's melo dumbass personality sucked. The game deserves a sequel.

N4BmpS3702d ago

I knew someone would say it, I agree DMC 2 was such a dissapointment

Infernostew3702d ago

I'm not trying to stick up for DMC2 in any way but the game that we know today as DMC2 was not originally that at all. After DMC's popularity they turned a game in previous development into DMC by adding Dante and a few other tweaks and story elements.

N4BmpS3702d ago

Yeah I heard about that with DMC2. If you think back that's how the original DMC was created since it was supposed to be an RE title. But for DMC2 I think it was going to be a "House of the Dead" installment

Ironfungus3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Wow, just wow. WOW. WOOOOOOOW. Brandon Thompson is an absolute f*ckin' retard. I think he might actually be the stupidest person I have ever seen in my life. I can't emphasize enough how truly impaired he is.

I can understand Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. I can understand the Sonic sequels, and even Duke Nukem Forever.

Chrono Cross? Are you f*cking serious? What...really? Really? It was a worthy sequel (if that, the stories were unrelated from each other with some slight references to Chrono Trigger) - one of quality, a dying breed. We don't get games of this quality anymore. Everything about that game SPOOGED excellence. The story was amazingly in-depth. From a logical standpoint, Chrono Cross' story was more in-depth than Chrono Trigger's could ever hope to be because it was made for the SNES. When RPGs went to discs, the discs allowed MUCH more data to be stored, allowing for longer, more intricate storylines. To think otherwise would make you ultimately ignorant as hell. THINK. More so, the battle system was unique from any other RPG ever made and no other RPG or game has managed to replicate its success. Do I even need to mention the score, composed by Yasunori Mitsuda? It was a masterpiece that sealed the deal and topped this game off as one of the greatest we'll ever have the privilege of seeing.

Brandon Thompson should not ever, under any circumstances, be allowed to speak his opinion ever again. In fact, people whose idiocy reach a level this high should, by law, have their speaking privileges revoked immediately.

Sorry, but this definitely needs to be said here. It's because of people like him is why we don't get games of quality anymore. Because people like him, the bottom feeders, demand "quick-buck" games instead of works of art. Because of these rejects, our games over the years have turned to absolute sh*t. Seriously, Brandon Thompson, don't speak. Ever again. You. F*cking. Idiot.

Furthermore, why isn't MODERN WARFARE 2 on this list? That is by far the worst sequel in video gaming history. Bar none.

GunShotEddy3702d ago

Did you nuts shoot right back up into you as you ranted and whined about an article someone wrote?

ChickeyCantor3702d ago

Super mario bros USA was actually a good platformer, it was unique as well.

I seriously hope Nintendo pulls a number 2 on that one.

And duky nuky is vaporware so what is he on about.

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