IGN Reviews MLB 08: The Show (PS3)

Sometimes, disappointment can be an extremely good thing because of the response it creates. Take, for example, MLB '07: The Show. While it was held back a month and a half later than the PS2 and PSP, the first step of SCEA's baseball franchise on the PS3 felt more like a port than a leap forward. The development team took much of the criticism for that title and within ten months cranked out the latest installment of the series, MLB '08: The Show. But instead of simply patching the visuals or fixing some of the AI problems, just about every facet of the game has been improved on radically, making this the best version of The Show on any system to date.

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sonarus4959d ago

not bad. could have been higher but not bad for a sports game

jwatt4959d ago (Edited 4959d ago )

I was actually impressed with the demo and I don't really play baseball games. I think it's safe to say it's the best 1st party sports game from Sony.

marinelife94959d ago

They didn't have many negatives and none of them were big problems either.

Blademask4959d ago

I thought this was out on the 29th? I was looking forward to it.

Area_514959d ago

Amazon was showing the 29th for months, and then on the 28th they push it back to the 4th errrrr!!!

kalistyles4959d ago

I'll definitely be picking this up. Cant wait till Tuesday.

Seraphim4959d ago (Edited 4959d ago )

Tuesday? Check your local Walmart... I was at ours today and they had it on the shelf!!

I was tempted to buy it just because it's not suppose to be out yet. :D Truth of the matter is that I'm not big on sports anymore. I guess 16 straight years of buying Madden along with various other NHL, MLB, and the occasional NBA title annually will do that to you... Although, I do Love the SHOW and said last year I'd wait till year 2 to buy it. Give them a year to get on the PS3... So at some point I'm thinking I will. I just hate spending $60 for a sports title I'll play occasionally... Actually, if I wasn't expecting NHL 2k8 in the mail tomorrow I'd have probably the Show today. And the only reason I bought that is because I haven't bought an NHL title in a few years, and I'm going to a Redwings game next weekend so I've been in the hockey mood. $7 to rent or $30 to buy? I'll spend the extra $20. If it's a waste then so be it. At least I only paid $30 for it. ;)

Harry1904959d ago

another baseball franchise out there.
a few days back,on this site,
i read an article which mentioned mlb08
as an xbox release too.i found it kind
of funny.they also said that there was not enough
space on a 9g dvd to fit in everything.really,
i'm confused.i'm not an xbox owner btw.

JVIDICAN4959d ago

theres a mlb game thats going to ps3/360 and then theres
"MLB:08 the Show" a 1st party playstation exclusive

ikiru33854959d ago

that game you're referring to is mlb 2k8. the show is better, i think.

JVIDICAN4959d ago

yeah im guessing its better graphic and gameplay wise
(road to the show)

sheng long4959d ago

Buying this on tuesday. anybody want to buy the show '07? lol

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