Microsoft Is Changing the Console Experience

Microsoft will be changing the fundamental pillars of console gaming if the recent ‘next Xbox’ rumours are true.

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Gr812094d ago

Is this what the market really wants?

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Root2094d ago

Is it what gamers really want

They are doing something what the PS3 was trying to do when it launched. To be an entertainment system and a console, now Microsoft are putting such a focus on it instead of focusing on gamers and at the same time are trying to say are doing it better then Sony when it fact how does a few exclusive US apps compete against a multi media entertainment service like region free blu ray which everyone can enjoy.

fei-hung2094d ago

Sony didn't try, they succeeded.

They are the only console which has the ability to play BluRays and offer services such as Netflix, Lovefilm and other film and music streaming services without a need of a Sony membership.

The key difference is, MS is bragging about these things like it has never been done before and is something new and great. Similar to how Apple brags about new services of offer when it has been on Android as standard for years.

Saigon2094d ago

Sony, never tried to imply that; unless I missed it, the PS3 was a game console that happen to implement the next generation medium at the time. So it doesn't mean that they implemented entertainment first. In reality their process was similar to what happened with the PS2.

Septic2093d ago


Not according to Ken Kutaragi:

"The PS3 is not a game machine. We've never once called it a game machine...With the PS3, our intentions have been to create a machine with supercomputer calculation capabilities for home entertainment." Kutaragi:

BDG2093d ago

I used to use my ps3 for lovefilm, tv on demand etc, now all these things are intergrated to my smart tv so never use them on my ps3. Times are changing, so Microsoft might have got this wrong

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Qrphe2094d ago

You can always create a new market. That's what the Wii did.

user39158002094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

First of all more bs rumours, he said and she said.

Ill bet always on required for non Gold members users, so they can go online and get adds to pay for their continues game on online experienced. MS knows how to make money, they dont want to get rid of people, they want more of them.

Here its what I see, MS will have the best internet experienced again, you will be able to play used game, always on require for non-gold members users, wont be able to get into entertainment unless you are always on and games always able to play online or not.

Tactics its the key to sucess, MS are masters at earn income, you dont want to pay subscription? Fine, always on servers with adds for you.

I also see used games been able to be played, I see the availability to play on 2 diferent tvs at onced with different gamers tags from same console.

Many new services provided with apps and partnerships. I see skype straight out of the box with kinnect 2.0 able to transfer audio and video to people.

MS its going to be a beast and most rumours are garbage, most rumours came out of DAE with his durango kit first version, they are on durango 3.0 as stated by EA and activision. The whole field has change.

My bet is Sony will have DRM block for games, while ms will allow for the use of used games.

2more days to see the unveil of PS4, we will see what happens, and if the PS4 its not shown, the droids will go on a diet manifest of a week without eating and rampaged all over the internet. I will laugh until my heart explode (tee-hee).

Talamak2093d ago

So you're a clairvoyant "I SEE" lol

3-4-52094d ago

We want A......they give us B.....we then complain about B and ask for they give us H !?

Just improve upon what you already do good and only add things that will contribute to making the product higher quality.

Mounce2094d ago

It's what they want the market to want.

Doesn't mean it'll be true. That or they'll be telling us that the Market WANTS Kinect.....which they already have.

Gamer19822093d ago

I read an article recently that said MS wants to link your console to tablets and phones where as Sony wants to go the cloud route and enable social media through there box with youtube uploading etc.. 2 completely different directions for 2 different type of gamers. Honestly I think its a good idea as nobody really wants 2 consoles exactly the same with a few different exclusives on each.

I think MS is moving too far away from gamers though and it could hurt them if they try to charge for xbox live with the new console as the stuff they want to charge for we get on other devices. Gamers won't be getting the console for games so forcing online play wont be an issue anymore. How are they gonna get you to pay for the XBL account if they are going in the other direction that's the main thing..

Jason1432093d ago

Would it even be a console at this point :)

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chukamachine2094d ago

Rofl Bar-Brothers.

55million max console sales for ms nextgen machine.

GalacticEmpire2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Whether it's a change for the better is yet to be seen.


"However, in light of recent rumors, the spotlight is on Microsoft’s next generation offering"

...who are these guys trying to kid? All eyes are on the potential PS4 reveal this Wednesday.

UnRated2094d ago

Article was actually supposed to go up 2 weeks ago - however the features editor got in an accident :(

GalacticEmpire2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Fair enough but why not change it before publishing?

Wish him/her a speedy recovery.

UnRated2094d ago

I changed it too

"the spotlight is also on Microsoft’s next generation offering."

should read better now.

Thanks for the suggestion!

WeAreLegion2094d ago

Tell the editor that we wish him well! Sorry that he got in an accident. :/

StrongMan2094d ago

Why is it that when the PS4 is mentioned games like Uncharted 4, Infamous 3, and GTA4 are mentioned as well but when the Xbox 720 is mentioned no games are mentioned at all, only apps that are already available for free? Isn't this troubling to the core gamers that made the Xbox what it was?

mr_kubrick2094d ago

GTA4 on awesome ;)

Lets wait, nothing about Xbox Infinity is no Alan Wake 2, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2 or Gears of war - Infinity up till now...

just wait, the time of ms will come.

Norrison2093d ago

Alan wake is no longer an xbox excluisive, milked franchises don't interest me at all.

omi25p2094d ago

Again why do you care, you don't own a current gen Xbox?

Knight_Crawler2094d ago

GTA 4 on the PS4 the Enhanced Edition :)

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HITANDRUN2094d ago

Psst... MS dont need to advertised much about gaming, they already own the USA, people are aware of their gaming but not so much with apps. MS its about to open the lid and let the devil out, Im concern with my PS3, I think, I will switch to xbox next gen, t will depend on what sony announced. Either way, I wont be an early adopter and buy a broken console from sony, they always sale bad hardware at the beggining and denied it is lol...

T22094d ago

Did you literally just switch xbox for ps3 in your post ? My original ps3 lasted 6 years while I inherited my friends 3rd gen xbox after his 2nd rrod ... And it craps out already from time to time . 2 years new

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