Analyst: Wii Owners Will Buy PS3 At Xmas, 2008 is PS3's Year, Expect Another Price Cut

iSuppli analyst Pamela Tufegdzic believes that 2008 is shaping up to be PlayStation 3's turn in the spotlight. She believes 2008 will be a turning year for the PS3 with a better lineup of games on the way likely to boost console sales. She also said that they "anticipate Sony will have another price slash on the PS3 this year, and come Christmas, consumers who originally bought the Wii will likely purchase the PS3."

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

when people start seeing LBP, the PS EYEs capabilitys and HOME.

(not to mention KZ2, RFOM2, MGS4,GT5)


it`ll be $299 soon enough and moving more units than you`ll have thought possible.

it outsold the 360 in 2007 being almost $300 more expensive.

what do you think will happen when it`s $199-$250?

PS3 will sell more than PS2.

this is what they were talking about when they were talking LONG TERM.

by this time next year it will have sold 30-40 million plus.

this is gonna be crazy.

TheWickedOne4193d ago

I love Sony but 30-40 by this time next year. I highly doubt it.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

40 might be a BIT high.

but i think it can do 30, FOR SURE.

around GTA sales will RISE LOTS.

and then it`s a steady flow of unbelievable SOFTWARE.

i think 30 can happen.

we shall find out soon enough.

ruibing4193d ago

The momentum has finally turned in Sony's favor. They have restructured their entire company, reestablished a good outlook on the PS3 from the mass media, and furnished an impressive Playstation lineup for 2008 (and 2009 I suppose). Not bad considering it has been playing catch up to rival consoles as a victim of circumstances since day one.

iamtehpwn4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

30-40 million?
Wii could pull out 30-40 million this year, but its Sells Were the highest of any console for years.

Though I'm no Fanboy, I own a 360, Ps3, and Wii, and love them all...

So. Peace. Love..and...FFVII Remakes :D

mikeslemonade4193d ago

Here is one of the reasons why Wii owners will buy PS3: Solid Snake is in Super Smash Brawl, so Wii owners who play this game will be curious about who this character is and will want to play MGS4 and that's only on the PS3 for the time being. The highly theorized MGS4 port will not come out in 2008.

KeiZka4193d ago


Perhaps they get curious if they have money readily available. Which most people don't have at such quantities... Also, I doubt parents are going to get a PS3 to their children that easily as they get Wii. Snake can do only so much, and I strongly doubt it'd make "casuals" to jump into PS3 bandwagon.

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sephiroths_revenge4193d ago

I expect TGS to reval a FFVII Remake and Chrocno ressurectio

-EvoAnubis-4193d ago

I wonder what will happen to this story once it's approved?

-EvoAnubis-4193d ago

I guess I have my answer.

Silver3604193d ago

will any game system be brought in huge numbers then?

brodels4193d ago

recession or not, the system will still sell well. You have to consider how long the recession will last, and how many of the people that it will affect are also those who would potentially buy a ps3. sooner or later, those marginal consumers will buy their ps3. consider the possible price cut too.

Silver3604193d ago

it must have a mass market to sell to. You do understand that economically the US is in the toilet. The pound is almost $3US and the Euro is $2. The value of an american dollar keeps shrinking. The country is losing jobs left and right to China, India and Vietnam. Most people here are living off of their credit cards. It is not a good look for food much less gaming.

Adamalicious4193d ago

What metrics did you use to decide that the US is going into a recession? Listening to the media?

Maybe this will help:

In the event of an actual recession I'd buy more games to cheer myself up :)

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InYourMom4193d ago

when the 360 offers more family games than the PS3 as well as strong parental controls, unlike the PS3 which are almost non-existent.

Do you think the people throwing around a Wiimote without an HDD or HD output will want to play the hardcore lineup the PS3 has or for Blu-ray HD movies?

LittleBigPlanet can have some "Wii appeal" but it's not enough.

Sorry, another analyst predicition going nowhere.


But that just makes me look stupid...most of the WII owners were and still is PS2 owners.....LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN..THE XBOT will cap out at 20 to 25 million...ARE YOU LISTEN ????

gambare4193d ago

Because it got what the 360 doesn't have this year:

Good games

Kleptic4193d ago

he owns both dude...leave him alone...just because he seems to be pro-MS most of the time...he is hardly a 'xbot' or whatever the hell that means...

in either case...this analyst is targeting a part of the Wii owner club that is pretty much impossible to predict...If he is talking about the fad'ish Wii crowd that is purchasing it because Oprah played with it...I doubt they would have interest in any other platform except for the DS...if he is talking about the gaming crowd of Wii owners, that could go either way...some may buy a 360...some may buy a PS3...that all depends on what games they want to play, and if they have any interest in HD movies...

Grandparents keep buying the Wii...I doubt they would have any interest in a PS3 or 360...despite the 360 having 'more family oriented games' (not sure on that one dude...or what that even means...the PS3 will have by far the most variety, and that is what interests a in several different people will be using the system regularly)

blade4024193d ago

Sir you are wrong. Most people who own a wii only, atleast the ones that i know, are also looking for a "real" console. They will choose the ps3 because of final fantasy and the fact that they had a ps2. Seriously thought trust me on this one... ff13 will move systems. Not to mention 2008 ps3 exclusives > 360's

ruibing4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Actually the 360's top selling games are FPS and oriented towards the teen and young adult demographics.

If we are talking about a console that will cover every the Wii lacks, which are multimedia capabilities, HDD, etc, it has to be the PS3. It has something for everyone. In terms of mass market appeal, reliability, and brand name recognition, the PS3 goes much better with the Wii.

XxZxX4193d ago

Kleptic, Leave him alone, are you kidding?? He is one of the most offensive XBOX 360 fanboy in this open forum. Don't think we can leave him alone.

BTW back to topic, PS3 has BLU-RAY and cost $50 more than XBOX 360. Playstation brand has reputation of variety of games which might help PS3. And the best of all, XBOX 360 has RROD problem. Who want to go XBOX 360 unless you are hardcore player and you get towel trick it yourself

chaosatom3334193d ago

what game on xbox does have wii appeal? none is the answer

InYourMom4193d ago

@1.1 - Do you think if you type it in capital letter's it will become true? Are you comparing the original Xbox to come to this number? Are you a fortune teller? You seem so sure in your anti-360/MS predictions maybe you should take this analysts job you are probably as reliable.

@1.2 - Nice blanket statement. The 360 will receive all the multiplatform games the PS3 will and then you have games like Gears 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, etc, etc.. I am not going to list them all out. The PS3 is "shooting it's wad this year" and yes they do have a nice line-up this year, just like the 360 in 07. That doesn't mean more great games aren't coming.

@1.3 - Thanks and yes I am a multi-console owner and I think the 360 is being written off way too easy now.

@1.4 - Total opposite of what I'm seeing. All the Wii owners I know besides a couple hardcores who own 360/Wii since launch are just fine with WiiSports and are not looking for a PS3. The casuals that Nintendo got with the Wii are a tough bunch to predict like Kleptic said.

@1.5 - The 360 offers everything multimedia wise that the PS3 does except Blu-ray and is a much more user friedly console. Reliabilty and market share are in Sony favor.

@1.6 - Dude, how many names have I been called in this thread and you are telling me I'm the most offensive in this thread? I state my OPINION, it's not like any of the words in any of these comment sections mean sh!t. You are a droid and of course you won't take offense to your fellow droids. You just nod your head like a sheep to whatever is positive for the PS3.

@1.7 - Read this link:
It is entire lists of games that have potential "Wii appeal".

XxZxX4193d ago

i'm not talking about this thread, i'm talking about your overall comment. Don't pretend to be innocent.

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