Games Radar: Grand Theft Auto IV - Second Hands-On

The biggest difference is that - while UK editor Matt Cundy played the game on an Xbox 360 - This first taste of GTA IV was on a PS3. For the most part, the game looked identical to what Games Radar have previously seen on the 360, although there were a few visual glitches that were due to it being an unfinished product. It didn't take advantage of the Dual Shock 3's rumble, either, although Rockstar reassured them that the PS3 version is about a week behind the 360 edition, and that rumble will be added soon.

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xhi44191d ago

as has been stated by a few publications now is that the ps3 is less brighter but has less anti=aliasing issues. But is still an unfinished product and a week behind the 360 counterpart.

I think they probably haven't turned on the superwhite thing on like gametrailers. Even if it is less brighter with the can always change the brightness on ya tv.

But with anti-aliasing, less jaggy ends on the ps3 is something you cannot change on the 360. So all these previews have confirmed my buy for gta IV on the ps3. And it's good to know that both versions had a s mooth fram rate even when the gamepro guy started blowing up everyone with rocketlaunchers.

AWESOME =D (bubbles please)

power of Green 4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

IGN said that about the diferences! and they also said the frame rate was rock solid opisite of what Boomtown said. These guys didn't say what IGN said they said the only differences were that the PS3 suffered from visual glitches due to it being a week behind(we'll see).

The 360 version's done but the PS3 isn't?.

Devs can't smooth out jaggies? we havn't seen games before and after when it comes to anti-aliasing?.

Theres no reason the showcase the 360 version if what IGN said is true even more so with what these guys said at Games Radar.

anti-aliasing can't be enabled?.

LoOwl twist IGN's opinion (if thats what it was) with what this guys said which is the opisite of what IGN said Games Radar didn't say *yaH what IGN said and what we said*.

ikiru33854191d ago

bubbles for you, man. i am also going to get the ps3 version.

Kuest4191d ago

As others have no doubt mentioned before me (Meus, among others),GTA4 consumers will most likely opt for whichever version coincides with their current system of choice.

That is, if one gamer- say, you- resembles the typical JRPG maniac (yes, you're a maniac), but still is slightly interested in the GTA style genre- than the likely, most logical, solution for said gamer would be to purchase the PS3 version. Likewise, for the 360 and its arsenal of games (meaning, he/she likes WRPGS, Shooters, etc.)

Of course, for those few imbeciles stupid enough not to buy either a PS3 or 360 (kidding, Wii guys- you're cool too), the decision STILL effectively rests with game preference. Again, no console is the definitive winner in that respects.

Even so, one must acknowledge that the 360 does, in fact, provide the OPTIMAL GTA4 experience- and thus those of us who wish to experience the legendary taste of Rockstar killing sprees and skydiving must ultimately buy a 360 version. So, no "ifs" or cigarette butts about that.

In any case, if you like GTA4 more than the average consumer, it would necessarily follow that you buy a 360 and/or its GTA version. In all other scenarios, however, its back to game preferences, fanboys, flame wars, girlish tears, and all that other juicy internet stuff... living the high sort of life.

omoshiroi4191d ago

One thing I don't understand is better AA on the PS3 version. I certainly hope that's the case, but as much as I don't like the 360 for various reasons (pay to go online, horrible controller, loud, unreliable, ugly front end, no game variety etc) the one thing I do respect on that machine is the ATI gpu. Which to be honest I always see out perform the PS3's in terms of AA and colour. Weird.

power of Green 4191d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Agreed! except for the ugly, controller and hate part. We'll know soon enough I think IGN was motivated due to PS fans backlash they would get if they didn't counter their take on the 360 version if true. If true RS showed the game at those curret builds stratigicly to control outbreak fanboyism without end.

They've already proved that this title is a very touchy subject and have been shy about past issues before taking months to admit the problem.

Jamegohanssj54190d ago

Well, we better get a well done finished product of the game or else.

The Genius has spoken.

Bubbles please :|

Kuest4190d ago

As you wish... just don't get too smart, okay.

jackdoe4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Sweet. Another PS3 hands on. What I find odd though, is that some publications like Gamespot never got a hands on with the PS3 version of the game. Funny huh? Gamespot gets the wrong idea about the PS3 version by saying it isn't ready for showing in their preview when it IS ready for showing and IGN, Gamespy, Gametap, and Gamesradar have tried it. Anyway, glad to see the PS3 version is shaping up nicely, rumble should have been implemented months ago to begin with(it isn't like the DS3 was announced yesterday!), and I cannot wait for April.
-edit- Yay for invisible disagrees! Sigh. Someone hates me, lol.

Guwapo774190d ago

I'm not your invisible disagreer, I clicked nothing for you. Because I agree with you except the point on the rumble. Rumble is the easiest thing to impliment, so it can go on 30 mins prior to pressing or it can come down in a patch later.

eagle214190d ago

All I need is super smooth edges like all first party or built ground up PS3 titles (anti aliasing), smooth framerate and rumble. Holla! Playstation and Grand Theft Auto: how could you love it any other way?.

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