Haze - New screenshots and artwork

Ubisoft published today a new batch of screenshots and artwork related to Haze. Enjoy.

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SIX3936d ago

Game looks really clean but it lacks a certain punch.

Violater3936d ago

looks as bland and generic as before.

jackdoe3936d ago

I agree. Some of the textures aren't, real enough. Still, if the demo is good (assuming they release a demo), then I may pick it up. Until then, GTAIV and MGS4 are all I'm looking at for the April-June quarter.

socomnick3936d ago

thought this game was canceled.

heyheyhey3936d ago

lol where did you hear that

Haze was only canceled for the 360, the PS3 version is still going full-steam ahead

or perhaps you confused the delay with a cancellation?

anyway yeah- it's not canceled

ISA_Scum3936d ago

That delay certainly didn't do much for the visuals. If this is all they're willing to show after the delay they can shove this game.

DJ3936d ago

that went PS3-exclusive at the last minute. Expecting Killzone-quality visuals is a bit too much to ask in this case. Framerate issues, bad texturing in the latter half of the title, and under-developed level design was a big problem in the previous builds of this game, so I'm pretty sure that's what was addressed.

I agree, it's not a visual tour-de-force but I'm still interested since this is the team that made GoldenEye and Timesplitters.

Maddens Raiders3936d ago

from WarHawk. I don't think this will qualify. (Unfortunately)

LaChance3936d ago

see what do people find so interisting in this game.

heyheyhey3936d ago

well for me it's mostly the 4-player co-op

me and 3 friends have already made plans to get this game and play it through the night with some booze (and by some i mean about 5 litres of vod... never mind)

the nectar drug mechanic is also pretty interesting and the way you defect to a different faction mid-game and you get new abilities and moves

your an xbox fan so it's natural for you to doubt PS3 exclusives, but let me tell with all fanboyism aside... Haze is going to rock

Lord_Ash3935d ago

I love a game with a solid story, so that’s one of the things I might enjoy in Haze but We’ll wait and see.

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The story is too old to be commented.