Fanboyism In Journalism

Matt Jenkins of The Bitbag writes, "I normally don't have a problem when 'Professional' sites do comparisons between consoles, as most are well written, factual, and informative. However, after recently reading Gamepro's Feature: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 ports: The cold, hard truth, I'm not quite sure what the goal was, other than incite Fanboys by providing anything but the 'Cold, Hard Truth'."

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PimpHandHappy4190d ago

this is funny

I have owned pretty much every gaming system from Atari 2600 to Xbox 360. I do not currently own/play a PS3 or Wii, but I will give them proper respect and will likely buy both when I’m ready. I did the same thing with the last generation. The Xbox had more games that were my style (which was almost like a continuation of the Dreamcast), so I got that first.

what does it mean "my style"

I didnt realize the xbox had so many games that where crazy inventive. I will give it KOTR but other then that game all the others where done b4 and after MS jumped into the game biz. Its not like Halo created the FPS

I always thought bitbag was a MS fan site but i dont really read it so i cant say for sure.

but for a guy on a gaming website to say he doesnt own or play a PS3 or Wii is funny. I guess then this last 2 years you have only played a 360. Yea thats a nice balance.

niall774190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

someone says the PS3 is better then the 360 and all the internet feels the need to defend the 360.

everything every reviewer ever says is OPINION,

and if they think the ps3 versions of some games are better let them say and take there opinion as it is and not as a Fact or a lie, its just a opinion

is Gamepro being a fanboy for saying the PS3 has better versions of these games or are some of you the fanboys for not being able to see a diffrent point of view?

power of Green 4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

No one's deffending the 360 they're only pointing out that GP had no idea what they're talking about.

Assasin's Creed need to be patched to run right on PS3 and the 360 version clearly looks better but PS3 wins because of prefference for Dualshock?. come on who are you kidding they lied or were ignorart about COD4.

moparful994190d ago

Pog your OPINION, which is what gamepros article is, is just an opinion. You may think the 360 version looks better others think the ps3 version looks better but the truth of the matter is that the game look spot on for both versions. Its only people like you and gamepro that pick the games apart to try and find any minute difference. Oh and i've had assasins creed for 3 months now and have never downloaded a patch and it runs just fine.... Move along now child

REbirth4189d ago

you said it all!
and this article is from a blog! from a nobody! shouldn't even been posted, and why he only point to the ps3 article? if we only can see the reviewers defending there "amazing 360"!
the truth hurts for Xboys but the playstation controller will always be better, its not a opinion its the truth!

Douchebaggery4190d ago

It seems to me that the writer is just pissed that for once is beloved x360 didn't came out on top in a comparison article.

Where was he last year with his fanboy accusations when every articles and comparisons favored the x360?

xsteinbachx4190d ago

fanboyism vs fanboyism

yah this is going no where fast.

toughNAME4190d ago

I think I'll wait for Eurogamer's Round 9


But wherever you go, it always for the hits.

Martini4190d ago

I will take Eurogamer word any day over Gamepro....

Gamepro - Load times: Extensive optimization by the Infinity Ward team leaves the loading times virtually identical between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Eurogamer - Of slightly more consequence is that the loading times on the PS3 game are noticeably longer: anything from 10 to 15 seconds longer compared to the same data being streamed in on Xbox 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.